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(WARNING: Potential TWD comic and TV show spoilers ahead!)

It is a tough world out there in The Walking Dead, and sometimes all that is standing between you and the jaws of the undead horde is a good weapon. Over the years The Walking Dead has racked up quite an arsenal — a combined effort from the hit television show, an on-going graphic novel and a multitude of different video games. Whether improvised, outlandish or downright impractical, these weapons have become just as iconic as the characters that wield them. So, with Season 7 just around the corner, let's rank some of The Walking Dead's 10 most iconic weapons from all corners of the franchise.

10. Tyreese's Claw Hammer

Despite having an abundance of blunt and sharp weapons to choose from, Tyreese never strayed far from his trusty long-handled claw hammer. After watching Tyreese lay waste to Walkers with it for several seasons, there are few question as to why. In what became one of his most memorable moments, Tyreese let a horde of walkers know just how effective your basic household hammer could really be when the world ends.

With a devotion to a hammer that could rival Thor, a bit of back story into Tyreese's weapon of choice was fleshed out in the Walking Dead comic, revealing that a potentially fatal confrontation with a walker was averted thanks to the use of a hammer. Deeming the hammer as special, Tyreese always kept it by his side.

Verdict: Hey, if it isn't broke then don't fix it!

9. Hilda (Molly's Ice Climbing Pick)

The zombie apocalypse has come and you, a 20-something adolescent aren't just content with surviving — you want to traverse the landscape in style. Throw in a bit of ingenuity and what you get is Molly from Telltale’s The Walking Dead episodic video game series. Molly's adorable (adorable because she named it Hilda) ice pick doubled as an effective walker/human dispatcher and climbing tool, helping her to "free run" from point A to B.

Despite only being present in "Around Every Corner," (the fourth episode in Telltale’s series), Molly is one the most memorable characters introduced. There was also a lot of backstory present for what essentially became a one-episode, non-recurring character (so far). Along with that, no other character in the series really ever had a versatile weapon/tool that was used like Hilda. It was a refreshing change from The Walking Dead's usually less agile, accident-prone characters.

Verdict: The only time you'll be glad you didn't throw away that old ski gear you keep in the attic.

8. Merle's Bayonet Hand

While we were all certain that we had not seen the last of him after being forced to amputate his own hand at the end of Season 1, no one could have predicted that Daryl Dixon's racist, redneck brother, Merle, would return with a new appendage to replace his missing one. Merle proved very quickly that he was no in need of a "helping hand," instead utilizing a makeshift metal cover, complete with a bayonet.

Glen at the mercy of Merle
Glen at the mercy of Merle

Merle pretty much turned himself into the Wolverine of the zombie apocalypse and into an even deadlier foe for Rick and co, managing to kidnap several characters, kill members of his own group and torture (and almost kill) Glen. He even came close to offing the villainous Governor. Not a bad act for a huge racist.

Verdict: If you're missing a hand and the world is ending, just ask yourself, "What would Merle do?" On second thought, maybe don't.

7. Morgan's Bo Staff

It is a tough world out there in The Walking Dead universe and it gets a gets heck of a lot tougher when you take a vow to stop killing the living. As frustrating as viewers may have found Morgan's character, he stuck to his guns and somehow managed to even beat the odds armed with nothing more than a stick and an intense training regimen involving a goat and a cheesemaker (look, no one said this show was supposed to be realistic).

Credit where credit is due, Morgan's Batman-like vow to not kill, along with his Bo staff skills, helped to define what could have been an otherwise uneventful and boring character. Although, if that isn't enough, Morgan has far outlived his (very different) comic counterpart, so clearly he's doing something right.

Verdict: The pacifist's weapon of choice. Will require training from a Ninja Turtle (literally), to use efficiently.

6. Andrea's Rifle

Long before Sasha became the TV show's resident marksman, the comic version of Andrea had already racked up an impressive list of kills herself. This Andrea was a much more likable (and still living) character than her TV show counterpart, who, let's just say made some mistakes. The TV show version of Andrea could also be seen using Dale’s sniper rifle occasionally (which she almost killed Daryl with, but like I said — mistakes were made).

Andrea vs The Governor
Andrea vs The Governor

As the team's expert marksman, Andrea became the team's watchdog, guarding them, usually from a vantage point (like the Alexandria bell tower), ready to kill any and all threats from any and all ranges.

Verdict: Not much is handier during the zombie apocalypse than something you can use to accurately shoot at the undead with.

5. Lee's Fire Axe

lee Everett & Clementine
lee Everett & Clementine

Lee Everett, the protagonist of Telltale’s video game series, would go on to use a multitude of different weapons. However, none were as memorable or recurring as the fire axe. So much so, that it was one of few weapons to stay in the player's inventory between episodes

"Let me just AXE you a question first"
"Let me just AXE you a question first"

Whenever things seemed to be at their lowest, Lee's axe was kept close by, ready to help solve any problem at hand. Own brother turned into a walker? Lee's axe. Clementine in trouble? Lee's axe. Dude caught in a bear trap? Well, you get the idea by now.

Verdict: Nothing says "responsible babysitter" like wielding a fire axe (during a zombie apocalypse, that is).

4. Rick's Colt Python

If you're a small-town Sheriff then you're probably going to need a big, flashy gun to compensate. Rick Grime's Colt Python is easily one of the most recognizable weapons across The Walking Dead universe, and this sturdy, resilient and powerful weapon has come to define Rick's character. Whenever Rick draws his weapon and assumes his imposing one-handed stance you know some serious shit is about to go down.

In the off chance that Rick loses his Colt Python, it always seems to find its way back to him, like some kind of magical, gun-shaped boomerang. Whether Rick will survive 'til the end of The Walking Dead remains to be seen, but if one thing is for sure, it's that his iconic Colt Python will outlive all of the characters regardless.

Verdict: Probably not that safe to fire one-handed, but that shouldn't be a problem for a guy like Rick...right?

3. Daryl's Crossbow

Daryl's crossbow is somewhat of an antithesis for Daryl's character: a precision aim weapon for a scrappy, rough-around-the-edges individual. Regardless, never has a weapon fit a character so well in The Walking Dead. Initially, it seemed like such an odd choice when compared to the en masse firearms on offer, but the benefits quickly became apparent: silent and deadly, with the additional perk of being able to potentially retrieve a loosened bolt. The crossbow is a weapon that, in the right hands, can turn one from a scraggly survivor into a hardened warrior.

Also handy for catching food or enacting some kind of Squirrel vendetta
Also handy for catching food or enacting some kind of Squirrel vendetta

Daryl is a character that originated from the TV show and though he has made numerous video game appearances, he has no direct comic book counterpart. However, the crossbow became so popular with fans that it would make its first appearance in the comics, except in the hands of Dwight, instead of Daryl.

Verdict: Probably not that accurate or silent in real life. Looks cumbersome to use, but you will look pretty cool and in the end. Isn't that all that really matters?

2. Michonne's Katana

It seems no matter what medium it appears in, a Katana instantly raises the user's cool factor. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily make you any deadlier, and in reality, you're probably going to die first. Fortunately, The Walking Dead is anything but realistic and thus Michonne's katana has transformed her into one of the coolest and deadliest characters on the show. A deadly weapon to compliment her quite anger and disciplined nature.

If Andrea/Sasha protects from afar, then Michonne protects from the front lines, effortlessly slashing down foes, whether they be Walker or human. The idea of someone one around with a katana in the post-apocalypse is a stern reminder that above everything, The Walking Dead is a show that likes to have a little bit of fun.

Verdict: You likely won't be as useful or look as cool as Michonne, but you'll definitely look cooler than your current status quo, so that's a plus.

1. Lucille (Negan's Baseball Bat)

The act of beating someone to death with a baseball bat is already pretty horrific, and you’re likely not a nice person for doing it. If you then wrap barbed wire around said baseball bat and then beat someone to death, well then you’re pretty much the Big Bad of the situation. For such a simple weapon, Lucille (the barbed wired baseball bat) oozes with antagonistic intent and is a fitting weapon for Negan.

While it is still early days for Negan on the show, his comic book counterpart has been around for quite some time now. His often disturbing relationship (rather devotion) to his weapon is something that has not been seen in any other character. With Season 7 fast approaching, they'll be plenty of time to see this dynamic play out on-screen. In the meantime, however, there's a game of eeny-meeny-miny-moe, that needs finishing.

Verdict: If your desire is to roam the wasteland friendless, but you can't be bothered to tell everyone that you encounter, consider carrying a Lucille instead.

Now that you've seen the weapons, check out the video below to get a better look at the crazies that wield them (from Season 6):


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