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Gal Gadot is about to bring the character of Wonder Woman to life with the first ever live-action film of the Amazon Princess. And as you could imagine, fans have been champing at the bit for this solo outing, ever since her show-stealing climax in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Since we still have to wait until June to see Gadot's , we can revisit previous wonderful women of Hollywood who have portrayed the wonderful character, ranked worst to best.

6. Rosario Dawson — Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis, Justice League Vs. Teen Titans

Rosario Dawson proves to be a standout in almost everything's she's cast in, none more so than as Claire Temple in the Marvel Universe. However, when she portrayed Wonder Woman in two very poorly made animated Justice League films, Dawson's charisma and talent were wasted on a bland, underdeveloped, unlikable version of the character. A shame because if given the chance, Dawson could have become as iconic in the role as Lynda Carter.

5. Michelle Monaghan — Justice League: War

[Credit: Warner Home Video]
[Credit: Warner Home Video]

Before Dawson took over for the sequels, Michelle Monaghan played the character in the first film of the series, Justice League: War, which succumbed to the same issues as the other films. However, Monaghan's voice performance stood above Dawson's due to her energy, especially in a particular scene where Diana interacts with a little girl. But this Wonder Woman is portrayed as more or less an idiotic savage who is very unlikable, and thus a waste of Monaghan's talent.

4. Gina Torres — DC Universe Online

[Credit: WB Games]
[Credit: WB Games]

Gina Torres, who you might remember as Zoe Washburne from Firefly, played Wonder Woman in this highly successful MMORPG as one of the mentors for your player-created character. While at times she comes off as dry and stoic, Torres did deliver a decent Wonder Woman.

3. Maggie Q — Young Justice

Since this amazing — but prematurely canceled — animated series was more focused on the teenage protégés of the , Wonder Woman had a minimal role. But as with the rest of the league, she was well portrayed, with Maggie Q proving effective as the mother figure of the gang.

2. Lucy Lawless — Justice League: The New Frontier

	[Credit: Warner Home Video]
[Credit: Warner Home Video]

In the '90s, after starring as the titular role in Xena: Warrior Princess, many were convinced that Lucy Lawless would make for the perfect Wonder Woman. And while that idea never came to fruition in live action, she gave a standout performance in the criminally underrated Justice League: The New Frontier. She's strong, she's witty, she's charismatic and she has her caring side, all of which Lawless nailed with her performance. As with her Young Justice counterpart, Wonder Woman doesn't have the biggest part, but it is a great one.

1. Keri Russell — Wonder Woman

The only Wonder Woman performance to have a leading role on this list, Keri Russell plays Diana Prince in this fantastic origin story from 2009. Based on comic writer Gail Simone's portrayal of the character, the movie is already excellently written, but Russell brings so much charisma, energy, and wide-eyed wonder to the character that she easily makes the top of this list. Check out the trailer for this animated classic and see for yourself.

DC Films' Wonder Woman hits cinemas on June 2. Which actress do you think did the most wonderful job playing this wondrous superhero?


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