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Last month we were able to feast our eyes on some rather splendid Big Daddy concept art for the (thankfully) scrapped BioShock movie.

Now, with movie seemingly forever consigned to the 'definitely not going to happen bin' concept artist Jim Martin has released his work onto the internet. For the most part, it looked like the movie would have followed the iconic aesthetic style of BioShock quite closely. Check out his work below:

As I hinted at above, although these images seem like a loving recreation of the game world, I am extremely glad this movie never made it fruition.

I am certainly not against all video game to movie adaptations, but I draw the line where the game itself is already a perfectly adept narrative device.

Playing though BioShock is already like watching a movie, but with the added dimension of immersion and player agency. If you want to see the BioShock movie, then it's simple - just play the game.

Video games need to stop seeing the movie adaption as its only means of becoming a mainstream narrative medium. Video games are fast becoming the biggest entertainment source in the world, it's time they stand on their own two feet and gain the respect they deserve as an immersive, and ultimately more rewarding, storytelling medium. I mean, who could beat the incredible BioShock introduction to Rapture?


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Source: Jim Martin (via ComicBookMovie)


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