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In 2001, we saw Jason leave the familiar sights and sounds of Camp Crystal Lake for the last place we'd expect him to find horny teenagers: space. Remembered for its particular blend of campy humor and intergalactic action, Jason X also gave Mr. Voorhees his biggest upgrade when meat and metal fused to create the monstrous Uber Jason. Many a fan was disappointed to see Jason's hockey mask replaced with his metallic upgrade, but ditching Jason's cranial accessory gave fans the best (albeit brief) look at Jason Voorhees's true face. That is, until now.

The Man Behind The Mask

With Jason X listed as one of his earliest credits, SFX artist Damon Bishop worked on the team that brought Jason to life for his romp through space. Coinciding with the fifteenth anniversary of , Bishop posted rare, behind-the-scenes stills from the 2001 set that reveal exactly what lurks underneath the mask. Take a look:

Originally created for Jason's thawing scene, Bishop highlights that the cast model incorporates tubes for pumping "Jason juice" — either a huge missed opportunity for merchandising, or an industry term for bodily fluids that pressumably smell like waterlogged garbage.

Previous depictions of Jason saw the killer with a much more decayed appearance, most notably in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood. It's clear that Bishop's special effects team went with a (slightly) more human-looking Jason, in keeping with his cryogenic preservation as explained in Jason X.

According to Bishop, the sculptures were created by fellow special effects artist Stephen Dupuis before being sent over to him for final touches, including the fleshy paint, patchy hair and degenerative gum disease.

You can check out the complete set of photos over at Damon Bishop's Instagram page.

A Face Only A Mother Could Love

Hard to believe that we waited 15 years to finally get a clear look at the killer behind the countless murders at Camp Crystal Lake (and Manhattan and space), but it was oh so worth it. Special effects molds like these are a lost art, making it all the more impressive that we can revisit the artistry and effort that went into painstakingly bringing these creations to life. We raise our machetes in salute to Damon Bishop and his team for realizing Jason's true form, in all his gooey glory.

Which version of Jason do you think had the best look?

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