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Gotham is gearing up for its Season 3 finale next week. This episode is particularly significant since it will mark the first appearance from an important character in the Batman mythos. Fox sent fans into a frenzy earlier this year when Alexander Siddig was cast as the ruthless . Since then, Season 3 has been leading up to his introduction.

Last episode saw Alfred Pennyworth killing the Shaman, Bruce's new misguided sensei and head of the Court of Owls, who was pushing our young hero to ... well, kill a whole lot of people. Before dying, however, the Shaman instructed Wayne to find the Head of the Demon.

That was quite a cliffhanger preceding the season finale — but now, we won't have to wait until June 5 to get an idea of how Bruce's journey toward Batman will continue.

Ra's Al Ghul Is Finally Coming To 'Gotham'

To quench our seemingly never-ending content thirst, Fox released a new featurette for the finale. The short video gives us our very first look at as Ra's Al Ghul and also gives us some much-needed details on his motivations. Take a look:

Right from the start, it's clear Gotham has no fear of delving into his mystic background, since we get a look at a Lazarus Pit. Even better, the Head of the Demon reveals he's lived quite a long time, and states he's seen and done things that would shake the core of everything Bruce believes in.

Of exploring the characters mystical roots, Siddig states he approached the character as a deity:

"There's a sense that he is omnipresent and a deity of sorts. And that he can hear the prayers of his acolytes throughout the city."

As for his portrayal, Alexander Siddig said he fully committed to deliver a character whom diehard comic books fans will be able to follow:

"Every time I approach a scene I'm sort of figuring out right, I want to land this character. I want to make an impact. I don't want to disappoint the people who already love this show."

His Relationship With Bruce Wayne

Alexander Siddig as Ra's Al Ghul [Credit: Fox]
Alexander Siddig as Ra's Al Ghul [Credit: Fox]

The fact that Siddig is playing a comic-book-faithful version of the character means we'll get a ruthless villain, but here's the thing: Ra's won't be your typical superhero antagonist. According to Siddig, the character has several layers, ranging from cruel to loving and paternal. In fact, the latter attributes will encourage him to become a father figure to Bruce Wayne:

"I've got those three things to play with, which is quite a wide arc. I want him to be mysterious, I want him to be ambiguous, I want him to be incredibly cruel at times and then kind and paternal. I think I'd like to offer myself as a replacement father figure to Alfred."

That may sound like a strange dynamic to non-comic book nerds, but rest assured, that's a really a cool exploration of the character's backstory. and Ra's are mortal enemies, but Ra's Al Ghul has always had a great respect for Bruce (I mean, he does want him as his successor).

Given that, I'm very intrigued to see their relationship develop, because after taking over the role of Bruce's father figure, Siddig revealed Ra's could very well push Bruce to break his (sorta) strict moral code:

"I can get Bruce to cross a line that he should never cross."

Yep, that's definitely something Ra's Al Ghul would do. Going by what we can see of Alexander Siddig's performance, he could become one of the most compelling villains in 's three seasons. And seeing how he's being introduced in the Season 3 finale, he'll most likely have a prominent role in Season 4.

The Gotham Season 3 finale airs on June 5, but take a look at the episode's synopsis to get an idea of what's coming:

With the deadly virus spreading throughout the city, the search for the antidote continues, as Fish Mooney (guest star Jada Pinkett Smith), The Riddler and Penguin reveal plans of their own. Bruce meets Ra’s Al Ghul (guest star Alexander Siddig) and completes his last task in order to fulfill his destiny, but realizes he can’t let go of his past. Meanwhile, Gordon tries to win back Lee, and past alliances within Gotham City are broken, while new alliances are formed.

What do you think about the introduction of Ra's Al Ghul? Where do you want the show to take him? Let me know in the comments!


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