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Our beloved Raven Baxter is coming back next year in Raven's Home, the sequel to the hit Disney Channel show . This time, however, she won't be a high school student dealing with psychic powers. She will be a single mother trying to raise her children, Booker and Nia (who's inherited her powers) alongside her inseparable friend Chelsea, who also has a son, Levi.

That premise is an awesome way to help us catch up with the character for the revival after almost a decade of not seeing her, but it also raises one important question: Who is the father of Raven's children? That mystery has been bugging fans since the revival was announced, but now, they can put their questions to rest.

announced through its official Instagram page the identity of the man, and it's actually one of the most important characters in the show: Jonathan McDaniel's Devon Carter, Raven's longtime sweetheart.

The stars of the show, and also posted about Jonathan Daniels' return as his character on their respective Instagram accounts:

That's right, Raven and Devon actually got married, and he's the father of Nia and Booker. He was Raven's faithful boyfriend in the original show and spent two entire seasons completely devoted to her. Knowing their love story ended up in divorce will certainly be a gut punch for fans.

However, as heartbreaking as that may be for some, it's a great way to tackle a common situation for real-life families, one that lots of kids can relate to more than the "happy ever after" trope. That's So Raven was so well-handled throughout its four seasons that I can't wait to see where takes that approach to Raven and Devon's relationship. Hopefully they've still remained friends!

Raven and her shenanigans will return to our screens with on July 21, 2017.

What do you think about the identity of Raven's ex-husband? Let me know in the comments!


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