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When actress Raven Symone announced that a sequel to her beloved series That's So Raven was in the works, fans were over the moon with excitement at the return of her Disney Channel character.

With strong ratings for Raven's Home in the weeks since its July premiere — and a very positive response from audiences — Disney announced on Tuesday that would return with more visions in a second season.

Here's the company's statement, according to the Hollywood Reporter:

"We are incredibly proud of our first season and the fact that Raven has returned home to Disney Channel in a very big way. The entire cast and crew have delivered a classic family sitcom that kids and families will be watching for many years to come."

The first season picks up a decade after the original series, with Raven and longtime best friend Chelsea Grayson (Anneliese van der Pol) living together in Chicago following their divorces; they're raising Raven's twin brother and sister and Chelsea's son together. Their lives are changed when Raven's son, Booker Baxter-Carter, discovers he shares the same psychic powers as his mother.

Though fans were a little sad to learn that Raven and high school sweetheart Devon Carter divorced in the years since 's finale, the way it was handled in Raven's Home was praised by critics and audiences, portraying an amicable separation as the two remain friends and work together to raise their kids.

The series will resume production for its second season in November for a 2018 release, but fans still have two more episodes left this season before having to wait for more Raven.

Raven's Home airs on Disney Channel Fridays at 8 p.m.

Are you looking forward to a second season of Raven's Home? What have been your favorite moments this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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