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Any millennial out there will have heard of the Disney channel show That's So Raven, that has left audiences laughing out loud for the last decade. Simply put, it was the show that rocked our worlds. I mean, who didn't want to be part of Raven Baxter's crew?

Well, folks, there's a new spin-off in town. With Raven-Symone playing the still boisterous Raven Baxter, now with two 11-year-old twins: Booker and Nia (played by Issac Ryan Brown and Navia Robinson). It just so happens that one of the twins (the former) has inherited the psychic abilities of our girl Rae, bringing back the unique touch and nostalgic undertone of the show. But the question we're all wondering is:

Will the Disney Channel spin-off show compare to its original, That's So Raven?

'That's So Raven' [Credit: Buena Vista]
'That's So Raven' [Credit: Buena Vista]

Questions have been posed about whether the age range of the new stars will water down the effectiveness of the comedy and teen-related content that appealed to a universal audience.

Spin-off shows like Girl Meets World do little to curb these doubts, as it was cancelled after three seasons due to a plummet in viewers and ratings. However, signs seem promising for Raven's Home as the cast will also be joined by Anneliese van der Pol, who played Chelsea Daniels - the slow but lovable best friend and sidekick to Raven Baxter in the original.

Disney has confirmed guest appearances from Raven's longtime boyfriend Devon Carter (Jonathan McDaniel), who will be playing her ex-husband and father to her kids. Fingers crossed we may even get a few guest appearances from Kyle Massey as uncle Cory!

Do you think Raven's Home will be as good as its predecessor That's So Raven?


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