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Nostalgia's here to hit us where it count, folks. Ten years after That's So Raven broke the hearts of millions of fans, Raven is coming back for her brand-new spinoff, Raven's Home, which will see our clairvoyant protagonist as a single mother of two children, who lives with her bestie, Chelsea (Anneliese van der Pol) who also has her own two kids. Disney's been pretty generous with material from the show, but there's something pretty important we've been kept in the dark about: The series' song and intro.

One of the most memorable parts of was its catchy intro. Going into Raven's Home, fans have been waiting to see what kind of musical experience we'd be greeted with at the start of every episode. Fortunately, we don't have to wait to find out.

Put your headphones on, clear your throat, and get ready to dance and sing, everybody, because Disney's released the official theme song and intro for :

Oh my God, the feels. The video makes something pretty clear: Raven still has her fantastic voice, and she can still cut a mean rug. Now, putting the intro aside, the song's lyrics tell a story, one that gives us a better idea of where Raven, Chelsea and their kids find themselves when the show starts. Here they are:

Yeah, let me tell you something: Had my vision all worked out, but then life had other plans. It's crazy when things turn upside down, but you gotta get up and take that chance.

Maybe I'm just finding my way, and we're gonna be ok. It might be wild but you know that we'll make it work, we're just kids caught up in a crazy world.

It's Raven's home. Down for each other like family should. 'Cause no matter the weather you know we're gonna shine. There for each other, you know it's our time.

The song ends with the variation of Raven's classic "Yup, that's me," this time with the appropriate "Yup, that's us!"

How Does This New Song Compare To That's So Raven's?

I love how similar the song is to That's So Raven's, while still having a modern twist to fit the time that's gone by from the last time we stepped into Raven Baxter's world. In the original show, for example, the song was all about Raven using her powers for her shenanigans; it reflected the tone of it being a teenager-led show.

This time around, the song is more about the new responsibility of our titular psychic as a mother, and the challenges that come from being an adult, as Raven sings about working around the unexpected events that life brought her and making the best of it alongside her family.

Now, there isn't really a clear-cut answer when it comes to which of these songs is better, because it depends on who you're asking. Nostalgic fans may have a hard time seeing this new interpretation as better than the original one, while modern audiences who discover the show for the first time may think otherwise. As a huge fan of the original series, I see it as a worthy follow up to its predecessor.

Raven Baxter, Chelsea Daniels and their families arrive on our TV screens on July 21, 2017.

What did you think about Raven's Home intro? Do you think it's as memorable as That's So Raven's? Let me know in the comments!


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