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While we sit here chomping at the bit, waiting for the cannibalistic movie Raw to finally hit cinemas, director Julia Ducournau and her team have kindly provided us with three horror-filled clips that we can really sink our teeth into.

Before you devour what's on offer though, just bear in mind that allegedly caused people to vomit and faint during an early screening at the TIFF last year. So, you should probably approach this gory coming-of-age story with caution.

Raw [Credit: Focus World]
Raw [Credit: Focus World]

First though, some context. Ducournau's award-winning debut follows a French student named Justine who gave up her vegetarian lifestyle after cannibalistic cravings send her on a darker path. Want a glimpse into how Justine's newfound diet veers away from weight loss and more towards genital mutilation? You came to the right place.


We've all snuck down to the kitchen for a cheeky midnight snack before, but how many of us have confused cereal with raw animal flesh? Garance Marillier is suitably evasive in this unnerving scene that's loaded with tension.


Things take a more visceral turn in this second clip, as Justine deals with a strange skin condition that leaves her skin feeling raw... Yes, that's the name of the film and yes, we're itching to see how this scene plays out in theatres.

'Rabbit Kidney'

The third and final clip is the most revealing of all, showing the crucial moment when a simple hazing ritual sends Justine down a darker path than she or her fellow students could have ever imagined. You don't make friends with salad, but apparently you do with rabbit kidneys. The more you know, right?

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Still hungry? Check out the official red-band trailer for Raw here and prepare to gorge yourself on what many are describing as the best movie of 2017. Just make sure you bring your own snacks to the theatre. You never know what cravings you'll have once you've finished feasting on Raw.


If you were hungry enough, would you eat another person?

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