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When was the last time that you watched a horror movie which felt truly original — one that genuinely unnerved you and scarred your soul? Unfortunately, these gory gems are few and far between, yet the trailer for Julia Ducournau's debut film Raw promises to fulfill our demented wishes, terrorizing audiences with brutal scenes of cannibalism and mutilation that possess a disturbingly erotic undercurrent.

Before you watch the red-band trailer for Raw, just bear in mind that this was the film which reportedly made people faint and vomit at a TIFF screening last year, so this might not be one to watch while tucking into your steak dinner. Can you make it through the next two minutes without vomiting or fainting too?

The story follows a French girl called Justine, who forgoes her vegetarian eating habits after brutal hazing rituals at her new school leave her craving the taste of human flesh. Cue a mercilessly horrifying journey into peeling skin, sexual deviancy and some good old-fashioned genital mutilation... probably sounds familiar to anyone who's been to college.

Raw [Credit: Focus World]
Raw [Credit: Focus World]

Still hungry for more? Here's the official synopsis for Raw:

"Everyone in Justine’s family is a vet. And a vegetarian. At 16, she’s a brilliant and promising student. When she starts at veterinary school, she enters a decadent, merciless and dangerously seductive world. During the first week of hazing rituals, desperate to fit in whatever the cost, she strays from her family’s principles when she eats raw meat for the first time.

Justine will soon face the terrible and unexpected consequences of her actions as her true self begins to emerge…"

If only Justine had watched The Simpsons as a child. After all...

The Simpsons [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
The Simpsons [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

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From all accounts, Raw is one of those rare films that completely rewrites the rule book and is surely destined to eat up the competition. Until Ducournau's debut finally hits cinemas on March 10th though, continue to gorge yourself on the stunning visuals found in the trailer and grimace at the inevitable Hollywood remake that will probably be announced by the end of 2017.


Could a horror film ever make you vomit?


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