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Director (Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan) pretty much defines the idea of high-concept, risky filmmaking. Never one for making small and simple movies, Aronofsky might be pushing even his own limits in his current project, Noah.

Actor , who plays villain Tubal-cain in the production, recently sat down with Crave Online and explained why the Biblical epic is intense and complex. The madness of the original storyline had to first be adapted into a graphic novel before Aronofsky could even pitch it to studios:

The madness of Noah is a big thing. How do you look at someone who says, "I want to save all the animals in the world but not the people?" So it's kind of a double edged sword really. It's set in the days, it's set back in the time but you get that kind of vibe that it's all happened before, that humanity and civilization was there before as big as it is today. It's got that kind of ring to it as well.

In fact, Winstone was initially so daunted by the high-concept project that he wanted to turn it down:

When I first heard about it, I said, "Is it Noah's Ark? We know what it's about. Russell [Crowe]'s going to play Noah?" And I was laughing. Then I read the script. I understood it was Darren Aronofsky who was going to direct it which made me sit up. Then I read the script and I went, "Oh yeah, hold on a minute. This is really, really good." His artwork is quite amazing on it as well.

It's a testament to Aronofsky's reputation that he can get a veteran actor like Winstone to jump on board with such a crazy concept. And, knowing Aronofsky, he will create a film that is powerful, visually stunning, and a bit of a mind-bender.

Along with Winstone, Noah stars , , , , , Sir . The film is set for release on March 28th, 2014.


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