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Famous for his role as a villain Raza in the movie based on Marvel's superhero, Iron Man, has worked alongside the cream of Tinseltown. However, what he counts as his greatest Hollywood achievement was being able to convince the director and producer of Iron Man to change some parts of the original script which depicted Muslims in a negative light.

Instead of portraying the bad guys as belonging to one religion, the altered version showed them as soldiers of fortune who were in it for the money, Tahir explains to The Express Tribune:

After seeing the script, I spoke to them [director and producer] and explained that it was a superhero movie, in which the bad guys can be mercenaries... To my delight, they saw the point.

According to Tahir, who has appeared in over 40 television shows like Supernatural, Lost and Grey's Anatomy, the script writers do not know the reality:

They don't know what we are like in real life and it is not their responsibility to clear misconceptions about us.

He needs to come back! I wonder what the change in script was, was it referencing that there was many nationalities in the camp where Tony and Yinsen were kept hostage?

Based on what we've seen from Iron Man 3 so far, Faran Tahir may have had an influence on Marvel and director 's take on The Mandarin, played by Sir . Beyond the inclusion of the Ten Rings, there's no further indication that Iron Man 3 will see Raza's return, which is a shame.

Nevertheless, it's interesting what he has to say about education in Marvel movies. Perhaps filmmakers creating movies for a global audience have no other choice but to start catering to all audiences. Either way, Tahir was awesome in the first Iron Man movie, and it's good to hear from him again. Are you looking forward to seeing the villains in Iron Man 3?


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