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With the constant rise in the popularity of comic book movies, studios are taking bigger risks — a superhero no longer needs to be a household name like Spider-Man or Batman to get their own film. Case in point, xXx and The Fast and The Furious director Rob Cohen has announced that he'll be taking on Everette Hartsoe's 1990s comic book Razor and its followup story Stryke. Here's everything you need to know about this badass vigilante from the '90s.

From Nicole Mitchell To Razor

As a young child, Nicole Mitchell was the daughter of LAPD detective Frank Mitchell and the sister of Jaklyn Mitchell. At a very early age, Nicole had to witness the brutal murder of his father and sister by crime lord Roman Von Drake.

Razor [Credit: Everette Hartsoe/London Night Studios]
Razor [Credit: Everette Hartsoe/London Night Studios]

Traumatized by the events, Nicole was sent to a mental institution, where she had to suffer through physical and mental abuse for over five years. After being discharged, she vowed to take revenge on Roman Von Drake and also rid the city of crime under the superhero alias, Razor.

Armed with bladed gauntlets, she would rescue the defenseless by night ... and disaffected teens by day. After her rebirth, she found out that her gauntlets had been embedded into her arms (almost like Wolverine's claws), thus giving a more literal definition to her vigilante name, Razor.

Villains And Allies

Roman Von Drake: He is the top crime lord of Queen City, who uses his power and position to control it. He was responsible for the death of Nicole's father, Frank Mitchell, and even had an alleged relationship with Razor's mother before she left him for Frank.

Roman Von Drake. 'Razor' [Credit: Everette Hartsoe/London Night Studios]
Roman Von Drake. 'Razor' [Credit: Everette Hartsoe/London Night Studios]

Stryke: Stryke is a master assassin and possesses a mystic sword blade, Tama. She was trained under Roman Von Drake. Later it was revealed that she is actually Nicole/Razor's sister, Jacklyn Mitchell. After fighting together against Von Drake, she left Jacklyn to die, as Razor was oblivious to the fact that Stryke is actually her sister. Enraged by this, Stryke went on to fight and kill Razor.

Stryke [Credit: Everette Hartsoe/London Night Studios]
Stryke [Credit: Everette Hartsoe/London Night Studios]

Alex London: London was a detective alongside Frank Mitchell and was the one responsible for stealing money off Roman Von Drake, which led to the eventual murder of Frank. After feeling guilty for the death of Nicole's father, Alex joined hands with Razor and help her in her crusade against Roman.

Alex London. 'Razor' [Credit: Everette Hartsoe/London Night Studios]
Alex London. 'Razor' [Credit: Everette Hartsoe/London Night Studios]

Poizon: Poizon, a powerful psyonic, is from an alternate timeline of Queen City where Razor is a force of evil. She is also the descendant of Razor, which later comes into play when she has to save Razor's life after her ferocious battle with Stryke.

Poizon. 'Razor' [Credit: Everette Hartsoe/London Night Studios]
Poizon. 'Razor' [Credit: Everette Hartsoe/London Night Studios]

Creators And Crossovers

Razor has crossed over with characters like Shi, Warrior Nun Areala, Morbid Angel, Sade and an American band called Switchblade Symphony. The most standout collaboration was with James O' Barr's cult-classic, undead vigilante, the Crow. Razor and the Crow went on several missions together and also bagged the #1 selling graphic novel of that year with The Crow/Razor. Fittingly, Razor will be produced by The Crow producer Jeff Most of Most Films.

What Can We Expect From The Live-Action Film?

Considering Rob Cohen's history of creating million-dollar blockbusters like xXx and The Fast and the Furious, Razor looks to be in good hands. He has been a longtime fan of the comics and lauds it for its female protagonist:

"I have loved 'Razor' since its first publication. It has operatic themes, female empowerment, revenge, action, a love story, all shrouded in a delicious darkness that fits our time."

Keith Wells of Number 11 Films has already chalked out a plan for financing three to four movies with varying budgets of $5 million to $40 million over the years:

"I’m excited to be announcing 'Razor' as the debut project under this new venture with Lotus. I look forward to this being the first of many projects on which we collaborate in both film and television."

It won't be a surprise if the franchise gets a R-rated treatment, considering its mature content and the success of Logan and Deadpool. As comic book movies tend to pull in a major chunk of the moviegoing audience, it looks like Rob Cohen has taken the correct decision by going with the trend, while also creating something that has never been given the live-action treatment.

(Source: The Wrap)


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