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The Star Wars saga is well-known for its use of exotic locales across its various installments. Surprisingly, a lot of these locations aren't as fantastical as one might think — plenty were filmed in real-life locations. The question is whether or not you are able to successfully match the real-life location with the location in the Star Wars movies with this fun and creative quiz! *cue game show music*

Question #1:


Which Star Wars planet was filmed in the giant Redwood forest in California?

Question #2:


Mýrdalssandur is an island famous for its black beaches, but do you know which scene from Star Wars was filmed here?

Question #3:


The Royal Palace of Caserta is located in Southern Italy and is one of the largest palaces in Europe. Which Star Wars location was filmed here?

Question #4:


Does this picture seem familar? It should! Which iconic Star Wars scene was filmed here in Death Valley?

Question #5:


The Canary Wharf Metro Station in London was used as a filming location as what building in the Star Wars galaxy?

See also:

Question #6:


Which thrilling scene from the Star Wars saga was filmed in the Puzzlewood forest?

Question #7:


Which encounter from the Star Wars saga was filmed on the Skelling Islands?

Question #8:


Which planet in the Star Wars galaxy was filmed in the warm habitat of Southern China?

Question #9:


The Hardangerjøkulen Glacier was a huge filming location for which Star Wars movie?

Question #10:


This military base in England served as a filming location for a base in the Star Wars movies — but for who?

How did you guys score on the quiz? Are you the ultimate Star Wars fan or do you need to go back and re-watch the movies?


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