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Everyone has that special someone who has stepped into their life and shaped the person they have become in a profound way, whether it is via the soothing balm of love or the strengthening power of adversity.

Instagram artist Dada has clearly considered this phenomenon and has used it to produce some stunning Disney fan art of characters becoming one with their greatest influence, be it good or evil.

1. Anna and Elsa of Frozen

Although for a while it looked like Anna had lost her way thanks to the deceitful Hans, her love for her older sister helped her become to strong independent Disney princess who ended up socking her ex in the mouth. Hurrah!

If the image alone wasn't impressive enough, Dada has also somehow used her magic to bring it to life:

2. Mufasa and Scar of The Lion King

They might have been sworn enemies, but nobody shaped the direction that Mufasa's life (and death) took like his nemesis, Scar.

3. Mowgli and Baghera Of The Jungle Book

Although Mowgli was raised by, and taught, his morals by his wolf parents Akela and Raksha, it was Bagheera who helped him to become a man and truly become well versed in the laws of the jungle.

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4. Snow White And The Evil Queen Of Snow White

Snow White would have never found her dwarf friends, or indeed her prince, without the Evil Queen's vanity driven attempts on her own life.

5. Tarzan And Kerchak Of Tarzan

He might have been in love with Jane, but Tarzan's biggest influence was undoubtedly Kerchak. By accepting Tarzan as his own son, the gorilla patriarch gives the orphaned human a path in life and a family in one fell swoop.

6. Cinderella and the Wicked Stepmother Of Cinderella

Cinderella would have been an entirely different person if it wasn't for her cruel treatment by her evil stepmother. All of the humiliating work gave Cinderella an inner strength and deep sense of hope which allowed her to develop into a person that you would have to be evil not to love.

7. Rapunzel And Mother Goethe Of Tangled

This pairs' fate was tangled together for all the wrong reasons, but there is no denying that Mother Gothel's persona as an overprotective parent helped nurture the rebellious streak within Rapunzel that we adore.

8. Jasmine And Rajah Of Aladdin

Sure, it was the Sultan who tried to protect Jasmine within the palace walls, but it was Raja who gave her a shoulder to cry on and somebody who truly understood her fierce and independent personality before Aladdin rocked up on the scene.

Huge credit to the amazing Dada. You can find her work on Instagram, Youtube and Patron.

Which Disney characters do you think had the greatest influence on each other?


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