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This weekend's SAG Awards took a surprising turn for the political with celebrities ditching their usual flurry of thanks to directors, primary school teachers and everyone in between to spread messages of love and unity in the face of Donald Trump's immigration ban. Over the course of the evening, many memorable and touching moments were created, yet none have captured the internet's attention quite like the speech given on behalf of the Stranger Things gang — but not for the reasons you might expect.

Arguably 's biggest breakout hit in 2016, was recognized with a statuette for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, and the team appointed Chief Hopper (a.k.a. David Harbour) to deliver their acceptance speech. However, while Harbour used the podium time to speak out about empathy and standing up for the marginalized, his limelight was somewhat stolen by his co-star, Winona Ryder, who busted upward of 20 different facial expressions within a minuscule period of time.

[Credit: TNT]
[Credit: TNT]

As Harbour spoke, Ryder's face morphed through a variety of stages usually reserved for being absolutely sh**faced at a work party — which, to be fair, this kind of was for her — and occasionally pretending to be sober when the boss comes into view. You can watch her adorably demented reactions here:

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Hilarious, right? However, as it turns out, there could be a totally justifiable explanation for why she reacted the way she did — why she seemed confused, excited, worried, empowered and amused, all at the same time: David Harbour went off script.

During the ceremony, he told People:

“I started thinking [the speech] up about a week ago but really finished writing it all down last night. The energy was electric. There were people standing up. Meryl Streep stood up!”

Before revealing that yes, he had conducted a script run-through the previous evening before the whole cast, “but the one he actually said was a little different." And that, my friends, explains her face — in the below gif especially:

[Credit: TNT]
[Credit: TNT]

What did you think of the political speeches at this year's SAG Awards?

(Source: People)


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