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Celebrities have always been known for their choice in pets.

George Clooney had Max the Pig. Queen Elizabeth II has her corgis. The Obamas have Bo and Sunny, both Portuguese water dogs. But what about Gary Fisher?

Who is Gary Fisher you might ask? Well, Gary is the French bulldog companion of the late Carrie Fisher. This cute little pooch was Carrie’s constant companion and went with her all around the world. He was her pride and joy, aside from her daughter Billie.

So what makes Gary so unique? He is so much more than just a celebrity’s pet. He has a personality all his own and heck, he even has his own social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

Here are five reasons why we can’t help but love Gary Fisher!

1. Celebrities Love Him

The first time Carrie introduced her beloved pooch, celebrities have gone gaga. Notably, Billie has posted a few pics and vids of her mother’s beloved fur baby, along with members of the Star Wars franchise.

2. Gary Has His Own Hashtags

Hashtags are all the rage if you want to get noticed on social media. Gary has his own hashtags that appear on a number of posts on both Instagram and Twitter. His main hashtags include:

3. Not Just Famous For Being Carrie’s Dog

While Carrie may have been his owner, Gary wasn’t just famous for being her pooch. If his Instagram account is any indication, he’s a little star just for being adorable.

4. Being A Momma’s Boy

Although clearly Carrie adored Gary, it’s obvious he loved her just as much. (Warning: these pictures are heartbreaking.)

5. The Constant Companion

As Carrie traveled the world for work, Gary accompanied her. He even gained extra family with Carrie’s on-screen brother, Mark Hamill, and his own dog, Millie. Look at how cute they are all together.


Gary might be a dog to most people, but to Carrie, he was her fur baby. The world may have lost Carrie, but some of her love will live on through Gary. We can't appreciate him as much as she did, but we can love that adorable, funny face nonetheless.


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