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The opening months of the year are always rough when it comes to movies. With more focus on the Academy Awards these dump months can be particularly hard for the genre. So far this year we have had underwhelming reboots like Rings, bad original movies like The Bye Bye Man and movies that just couldn't find traction, like A Cure For Wellness. Amidst all of this there always seems to be that one movie that takes the horror world by storm. For 2017 that movie is .

Comedian 's ditches the skits and costumes in his directorial debut to deliver the first truly great horror film of the year. It's not just a good horror movie but legitimately a good movie period. If you somehow need more convincing, here are five reasons to see Get Out.

5. A Breakout Performance From Star Daniel Kaluuya

'Get Out' [Credit: Universal]
'Get Out' [Credit: Universal]

Now, don't get me wrong — the whole cast is great. From a chilling performance from Catherine Keener to a devious turn from Bradley Whitford, it is good all around. With that said, star Daniel Kaluuya as Chris stands above everyone else. Best known in the US for a supporting role in Sicario, he absolutely steals the show in Get Out. He does a magnificent job conveying all of the emotions that would happen if this were real — the terror, the confusion, the hopelessness — it is all laid out on the big screen.

On the flipside, he also displayed some amazing chemistry with costar Allison Williams. The two feel like a real couple with all the trust and uncertainty that comes when you have only been dating for five months. This is a star-making performance and I hope we see a lot of Daniel Kaluuya in the future.

4. How 'Get Out' Uses Humor

'Get Out' [Credit: Universal]
'Get Out' [Credit: Universal]

With Peele being a veteran comedian you expect the movie to be funny, and it is. Pretty much every joke in the movie lands with the audience. For the most part the best jokes go to Chris's best friend Rod, played by comedian Lil Rel. A TSA agent, he is a bit of an audience surrogate, reacting and watching things unfold without getting annoying or too self-referential.

What makes it work so much is how it is paced throughout the film. Peele has a keen eye for comic pacing and knows when to joke and when the film needs to be serious. These bits of levity go a long way in helping us get to know and care about these characters before the chaos really unfolds.

3. The Horror Is Top Notch

'Get Out' [Credit: Universal]
'Get Out' [Credit: Universal]

As funny as the movie can be, it never forgets that at the end of the day it is a horror movie. Instead of relying on blood and gore, Get Out takes a more cerebral approach, depending more on tension building and the occasional jump scare to terrify audiences. That is, until it finally hits a boiling point and all hell breaks loose in the third act. It works thanks to Peele's ability to create a tense mood that feels familiar yet alien all at once.

With minimal CG we seem to get mostly practical effects, giving the film a realism missing from the horror movies this year. With stellar yet simple visuals and a heavy atmosphere, don’t be surprised if you're at the edge of your seat by the end of Get Out.

2. How Race Is Used

'Get Out' [Credit: Universal]
'Get Out' [Credit: Universal]

I have to be honest, I was a bit nervous going into Get Out. Not that it would be too scary, but at how easy it is to bungle a racially-charged horror movie. Tackling social issues can be tough in movies nowadays; you either become the new woke movie that everyone says is "important in the Trump era" such as The Birth of a Nation, or it is beyond heavy handed mess like Crash.

As good as a director's intentions may be, it is always a bad look. Get Out is one of those rare movies that is able to straddle the line and make it work. It never feels preachy or like it's trying to teach a lesson. Instead, it is just a twisted view on upper-class America from the uniquely black perspective. If you're interested in taking a look at race in America without the "Very Special Episode of Blossom" vibe, Get Out is the movie for you.

1. An Exciting New Voice In Horror

'Get Out' [Credit: Universal]
'Get Out' [Credit: Universal]

When it was first announced that one half of Key & Peele would be helming a horror movie people seemed surprised. It was hard to fathom the guy behind the amazing Gremlins 2 Brainstorm sketch would be making a legitimately scary movie. After seeing the film not only does it make sense, but it feels like something only he could make.

A horror fan since he was a kid it has the feel of an older horror movie like The Stepford Wives or Rosemary's Baby while also using the genre to tackle real issues like the original Night of the Living Dead, The Purge series or The People Under the Stairs — all the while retaining his own unique voice that is unlike anyone else in horror today. Is it too soon to call him a master of horror? Perhaps. Do I want to see what he does next in the genre? Absolutely.

As of this writing Get Out holds a rare 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and after seeing the film there's good reason for it. Living up to the festival hype, this thriller is not only entertaining — it opens the door for new black voices make their way into the horror genre. Scary, funny and absolutely original, Jordan Peele created what could easily become the next horror classic.


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