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Empire's final two episodes of Season 3 are sure to go out with a bang. We'll witness the conclusion of the internal family battle over Las Vegas, while the Lyons are simultaneously forced to battle a powerful enemy: the DuBois family. After watching the latest two episodes unfold, I found myself rooting against the Lyon family in favor of the DuBois. I'm not sure if the writers want the Lyons to be sympathetic figures (if so, they messed that up big time) in these latest episodes.

What I mean is the bad decisions they make with characters like Cookie, who sacrificed happiness in hopes to rekindle an old flame with her ex-husband, Lucious. Of course, this was at the expense of Angelo DuBois (Taye Diggs), who not only lost his woman, but essentially his career. With his life on a downward spiral, Angelo could only turn to one person: his mama. Still, despite Diana DuBois's (Phylicia Rashad) warning, we couldn't have anticipated the major clap-back from the DuBois clan that happened in Episode 16 "Absent Child." While I would never, under normal circumstances, defend a child being ripped away from her mother, there's something gratifying about the way this went down, and here's why.

3. Baby Bella Is The Daughter Of A Murderer

'Empire' [Credit: Fox]
'Empire' [Credit: Fox]

Maybe I'm coming off a bit harsh, but if anyone deserved to have their child taken away from them, it's Anika. The woman killed an unborn child by shoving the now deceased Rhonda down the stairs. If that wasn't enough, she tossed Andre's angry, broken wife off a balcony. Some of you may have you forgotten, but Andre didn't, and he said so when he stormed into the room before throwing her around and threatening to kill her.

There's literally no part of me that empathizes with a two-time murderer. Anika went on to get everything she wanted — she got knocked up by the youngest Lyon, only to go on and get married to Lucious once again. However, karma can be a b!tch, and this time it's in the shape of Diana DuBois. So, sorry if I sound a bit heartless, but there's no way Boo Boo Kitty should have gotten off with the BS line Andre hit her with: "Live with it."

2. The Head Lyon Has No Redeeming Qualities

'Empire' [Credit: Fox]
'Empire' [Credit: Fox]

The man behind Empire regularly fails to acknowledge the sacrifice Cookie made for him to be able to carve such a huge legacy. Throughout the series I've been waiting for a major turnaround to say "Wow, he really changed." Unfortunately, when a man mocks his son's willingness to find God, there's no hope. Even Taraji thought so, once upon a time:

If that's not enough, remember when he killed a childhood friend, and Cookie's cousin? There was also the time he poked fun at Andre's mental condition. He, for better or for worse, held Hakeem's child hostage by not allowing him the chance to sign the birth certificate.

There was also the time he stuffed his homosexual son, Jamal, in the garbage can, and degraded him after he took a bullet for Lucious. Before that, he was so jealous of Jamal he purposely revealed to the world that his son had sex with a woman ─ ending his chance to win a major award. Why should I want Lucious to win? There's nothing likable about him even when he's trying to sentimental.

1. The Child Really Was In A Dangerous Environment

'Empire' [Credit: Fox]
'Empire' [Credit: Fox]

While Diana's methods may have been harsh, she was 100 percent spot on. If it isn't clear by now, then I can't help you: The Lyons are trouble. Every family has their issues, but these fools bring guns to a fist fight. Think back to how many times we saw the Lyon's surrounded by guns. Heck, Andre had a crew ready to shoot up his father. No one seems to be able to keep a stable relationship, not even with one another.

Cookie eluded to it in Episode 16 how they [Lyons] can't seem to stay together while the enemy is a tight family. If it's not the brothers going at each other, demeaning and degrading each other for their personal struggles, it's the sons going after their father. There was the time when Lucious answered the call for a hit on Frank Gathers. However, what they did to Angelo was the family's curtain call, as he had nothing to with what happened.

Cookie used her squad to torture and beat the former politician into giving up Bella. Even though he was innocent, Cookie only believed him after the dude was battered. Let's not forget mama Lyon, Lucious's mother, who's two fries short of a Happy Meal. Answer me this: Where in the equation does that spell a great home for an innocent child?

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