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Recent news has got the DC fandom in an uproar of excitement. Warner Bros. is currently working on getting a Nightwing solo film brought to the big screen. Considering we have yet to even see or hear mentioned in the means that there must be a solid plan in the works.

Whenever I think of actors who could play Nightwing there are many names that I that would be suitable and entertaining to watch, but there has always been one of those names that stand out, and everytime I see him I think, "that's Dick Grayson." This man is of course Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder. Here's why he was born to play Dick Grayson.

3. He Has The Good Looks

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Dick Grayson has always been drawn as an attractive man. He has been romantic with the likes of Starfire, Barbara Gordon and Huntress, who are also very sexualized characters. We obviously cannot have DJ Qualls (no offense) playing Nightwing.

Now, I'm a straight man, but even I cannot lie and say I don't get lost in Ian Somerhalder's eyes sometimes. He's a very handsome and a sexy actor who to me looks identical to Dick Grayson in the comics and even most cartoon appearances. The dark hair and chiseled features are a trademark of both the actor and character.

2. He Has That Dick Grayson Charm

Where is broodish and not one for wisecracking, Nightwing prefers to be more talkative. He makes jokes at the bad guy's expense and even makes light of Batman's dark nature when given the chance.

Ian Somerhalder has shown his wit in The Vampire Diaries, being one the most beloved television characters for his endless charm and sarcasm that directly conflicts with his more brooding and deadpan brother. While Batman would kick Stefan Salvatore's ass any day of the week, Somerhalder has experience playing off a character with the same type of emotional spectrum as Batman.

Check out some of Nightwing's best moments:

Now, some of Ian Somerhalder's best moments from The Vampire Diaries:

1. He Is Primed For A Breakout

'The Vampire Diaries' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'The Vampire Diaries' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

At 38, Somerhalder has been around for a while now, and his only true claim to fame is The Vampire Diaries. It's certainly not a bad claim, but he has the talent to be more recognizable. We thought it might be in the form of Fifty Shades of Grey, that fell through for whatever reason. Maybe we will see him rise to fame in the superhero genre?

He is a pure entertainer who can make you laugh with his comedic prowess and pull on your emotions with his acting ability. Why he has yet to break out into film is beyond me, but it's not too late.

In the current timeline of the DCEU — with Batman close to 50 — a Dick Grayson close to 40 matches up well age-wise. Somerhalder is also in good enough shape to pull off a man in his late-20s depending on how old they wish to portray Grayson.

What do you guys think? Is Somerhalder destined to bring Dick Grayson to the DCEU? Tell me what you think in the comments and thank you for reading.


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