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Over the last week or so, a lot of reports about Netflix's Iron Fist series have come out. Surprisingly, critics are down on it and Rotten Tomatoes gave it 14 percent (Batman V Superman received 27 percent). It's also being said that Finn Jones is the Marvel's first bomb at picking a character, and people are saying that missed the mark by making Danny Rand white instead of Asian. So, it's fair to say that there's a lot of negativity surrounding before the show has even come out. Does that mean you shouldn't watch the show? Nope. Not even close. And I can give you a few reasons why you should watch it, in spite of all the negativity.

3. Danny Rand Isn't Like The Other Defenders

Danny Rand isn't like his teammates. Not just in look, but in personality as well. 'The Defenders' [Credit: Marvel TV / Netflix]
Danny Rand isn't like his teammates. Not just in look, but in personality as well. 'The Defenders' [Credit: Marvel TV / Netflix]

Looking at certain reviews, Iron Fist is being judged on an unfair scale. Iron Fist, while a better fighter than Daredevil, is NOT Matt Murdock. He lacks a real sense of humor and doesn't have Murdock's "man of mystery" vibe (but his moves are cooler and his Iron Fist will look great on screen). He's also not as vulgar as Jessica Jones, and doesn't have a tragic story like she does. While Danny's story is tragic, it still ends with him being a billionaire and learning martial arts. Lastly, he isn't anything like Luke Cage. In fact, they are total opposites, which is what makes their friendship so unique. The point is that Danny Rand isn't going to be a protagonist like the ones we've already seen on previous Netflix shows. So, to judge him based on similar traits to what we have seen in the past isn't fair to him.

2. Danny Rand Isn't Asian, But That's OK

Instead of making Iron Fist Asian, just introduce his firend Shang Chi. [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Instead of making Iron Fist Asian, just introduce his firend Shang Chi. [Credit: Marvel Comics]

The internet went crazy when Marvel's live-action Danny Rand was cast as Caucasian. It was said that Marvel missed their opportunity to make Iron Fist Asian, offering greater Asian representation in the . However, Danny Rand has never been Asian. He's always been a wealthy, white male who happens to know kung fu. The irony is that part of what makes Heroes for Hire so cool is that Danny and Luke became like brothers despite their differences.

Danny Rand is among the handful of characters that I believe benefit when you stay true to the character's background. Characters like T'Challa, Steve Rogers and Luke Cage should stay their race in live action because of what that means to their stories and to the readers who love them (Finn had a few things to say about Iron Fist not being Asian). While there is definitely a shortage of Asian characters in comic books, the Defenders franchise thankfully has Shang-Chi.

Shang-Chi is a close friend to Daredevil, Luke, Cage and Danny Rand and will absolutely be a part of the Marvel series at some point in the future. Danny Rand may not have been cast as an Asian male, but when Shang-Chi (The Master of Kung Fu) makes his debut, it will be worth the wait when he comes in kicking all sorts of butt!

1. There Is Often A Divide Between Critics And Fans

'Iron Fist' [Credit: Marvel TV / Netflix]
'Iron Fist' [Credit: Marvel TV / Netflix]

The critics are going to like what they like, and not all of them will be Marvel fans. That's just the way it is, and I can't fault them for genuinely not liking something. We all have opinions on movies and we all have movies we love despite what other people think.

Personally, I absolutely love The Losers, yet Rotten Tomatoes ranked it at 49 percent. Similarly, I found Mad Max: Fury Road boring but Rotten Tomatoes ranks it at 97 percent. The point is: Critics are human and just because they don't like something doesn't mean you won't, especially if you're already a devotee of the Marvel fandom.

At the end of the day, fans should at least give Iron Fist a shot. If I have learned anything from Marvel movies, it's that the story is going to stay as true to the characters as possible, and there's going to be a kick-*** fight scene in a tight hallway.

Are you gonna watch it? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below.


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