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I'm all for Oliver and Felicity together as much as other #Olicity fans. After it took almost four seasons to have these love birds FINALLY get together and become a couple, it only took a few episodes in Season 4 to break them apart. It sucks, we know! Oliver and Felicity have come around a lot of obstacles together every since OTA was formed, but they were able to overcome them as a team, showing that they work SO well together as a team.

Now that we have entered Season 5 and there is no smooching or heart eyes bouncing back and forth between them, they are still working as a teammates to combat the crazy that ravages its way into Star City. We don't see them bickering so sourly and avoiding each other like most exes do, which is pretty nice to see.

If you ask just takes time. Time is of the essence, my friends.
If you ask just takes time. Time is of the essence, my friends.

That said, I thought I'd share in my opinions on how their story was going and I've concluded that (don't hate me guys!) for right now, it's best that they're not romantically involved right now, just not yet. And that's OK! Why, you may ask? Here are three reasons why I think Olicity taking a break from each other in Season 5 is a good thing:

1. Growth, For The Both Of Them

This time apart can piece back together what was broken (if the writers — hopefully— decide to do so, that is). Oliver is attempting to hold the city together as mayor, which he seems to be doing decently so far. I mean, tackling being the mayor AND the Green Arrow at the same time is a lot of work. Let's not forget he is also training his new breed of recruits to join the team on the side. It started off a little rocky at first, but they show potential to get up to speed. Felicity is helping out by being that solid foundation of what a team is really all about: working with the recruits, getting them situated with Oliver's style of hero-ing and most of all, always being that backbone for Team Arrow with her brilliant tech skills and infectious personality.

This time apart can help them find themselves and focus on what they need. as individuals.

Oliver has some stuff he has to work on himself: the lies he catches himself in (or used to). In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Emily Bett Rickards said "You do grow apart, sometimes, before you can grow together." I completely agree with this; it makes sense. That growth you experience on your own will stick with you for however long you need it, making it a good tool for repairing a relationship.

2. They Are A++ When Working Together As Teammates

In the first few episodes of Season 5, it was evident that the original Team Arrow was no more and it was only Oliver and Felicity in the lair. She stuck around because she thought it was the right thing to do. One thing great about Felicity's character is that she has hope, which allows her to keep going, and that has definitely rubbed off on Oliver as well. In the past, we could say that Oliver wasn't too keen in using the word "hope," but Felicity changed that for him, and now you can tell he's a firm believer in it. As far of these episodes this season have gone, seeing them work so well together as teammates makes me happy. It's all good vibes and Felicity's funny comments here and there, but it's so nice to see that they can work as partners without it totally being awkward.

#StephenAmell spoke with Entertainment Tonight as well, explaining that, "We have some arguments coming up, but I feel like we have a good dynamic going right now and really respecting each other as teammates," which is totally true! The respect is there, the good communication is there and it seems to be working out just fine. The arguments? Eh, we can handle that.

3. It Opens A Possible Gateway For A Felicity Smoak Storyline:

As much as we LOVE having Felicity has our brilliant tech girl and pretty much the backbone of Team Arrow in saving the city, we didn't really get a chance to see Felicity have a spotlight on her own. Yeah, in the Season 3 mid-season finale, Felicity was shot and confined to a wheelchair. As sad as that was, that storyline didn't really go very far. Lasted like three episodes? We need more!

Now in Season 5 we were teased yet again with the whole Havenrock arc with Rory. It was a traumatizing time for Felicity that she has to live with forever. She was responsible of the loss of many lives, including Rory's family, but that too, was so short. I was waiting to see how it would pan out in more episodes to come, but they shut the doors on that potential arc real quick. Maybe they'll explore it, I don't know, but now that she is apart from Oliver romantically, we want to see Felicity blossom in an arc that will keep on going in the episodes to come. An arc that has you questioning: How will she react? What will she do? Does it effect her, does it help her? Y'know, something of that sort. She deserves to have something going for, and stop being sidelined. Am I right?!

What do you want to see between Oliver and Felicity in Season 5? Let me know in the comments or tweet me at @lolitsshads!

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