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With 's spin-off movie officially announced, it was only natural for fans to assume that Poison Ivy would have a large part in it. If it turns out to be centered around Gotham City Sirens, it is definite that she will have a main role. This could be a great predecessor for a movie of her own, as she has an extremely long history in the Universe.

Female-led comic book movies and shows have been taking the world by storm, such as the upcoming film and The CW's .

With lots of fascinating adventures under her belt, I believe that Poison Ivy should be next to have her story told on the big screen.

4. She Has Been In Many Characters' Shadows

Although Poison Ivy has existed for 50 years, she has not had much of a solo presence. She is mostly found in the comics of , Harley Quinn, and even Birds of Prey. Her first and only series so far — Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death (2016) — was excellent, but only six issues. It is time for such a well-respected character to become the focus in a setting that would bring a large audience. With an overwhelming roster of comic appearances, there is lots of source material to work from. If a movie for her was created, she could finally get the recognition she deserves.

3. She Is Strong And Inspiring

Similar to Harley Quinn, Ivy has had experiences with abuse. She knows how it feels to be harmed and manipulated (a reason why she offers a great support system for Harley, other than genuine care). In 1989's Secret Origins #36, Pamela Lillian Isley is used in an experiment conducted by Dr. Jason Woodrue, commonly known as Floronic Man, in which he injects poisons and toxins into her body. This experiment caused her to experience violent mood swings and nearly reach her death. During The New 52 relaunch, 2015's Secret Origins #10 revealed a much more tragic story. Pamela grew up with a violent father who was abusive to her mother. The only place her mother felt safe was in her flower garden. She told Pamela that the flowers could listen to her and even speak back, which helped her connect with her daughter. Eventually, her father murdered her mother, which traumatized Pamela at a young age.

In all of Ivy's various origin stories, she has used her past to channel the strong, confident woman that we all know her as. In her own words: "I lost myself for a time, immersed in an emerald dream. I was pulled back by a driving purpose. To protect. To save." Exploring such a potent character in a live-action setting would not only be compelling for fans, but relatable for some as well.

2. She Has A Complex Personality

Additionally, Poison Ivy's complex character would be another interesting component to explore. She dislikes almost all humans and only feels connected to plants. Often times, she believes that she would be better off without any human contact, as she cannot grasp it. Introverted characters are rarely a main focus in film. As intelligence is one of Ivy's core qualities, a comic book movie could be a proper medium to highlight her introspective nature.

1. Her Powers Could Be Beautiful On-screen

Poison Ivy has a vast array of abilities, such as her control over plants, the mystical connection to them she possesses, and her immunity to all toxins. As displayed in the Batman: Arkham video game series, her powers were stunning and enchanting. Such visuals could easily capture the eyes of viewers, while showing off her fierce power set.


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