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In recent months, I have taken to getting quite an enjoyment out of reading DC Rebirth's new series. Thus far, the series has focused mainly on Harley Quinn going through many new changes in her post-Joker life. Many of these changes involve crazy adventures with her friends. Out of Harley's friends, one character in particular stood out to me. This character was the wise-mouthed killer Red Tool.

Based on his looks and characteristics, many fans clearly point out that Red Tool is DC's crack at Marvel's beloved character Deadpool. After all, they do posses similar traits. While he is not an entirely new character to the comic world, his steady presence in the Harley Quinn comic line has really grown on me. In fact, I began to feel that he would be worthy addition to Harley Quinn solo outing, . Here's why:

1. Red Tool And Harley Quinn's Chemistry

'DC Rebirth: Harley Quinn' [Credit: DC Comics]
'DC Rebirth: Harley Quinn' [Credit: DC Comics]

Part of what makes so much fun to watch is the brother-like mentality he has with Harley Quinn. In many of the earlier issues of the DC Rebirth: Harley Quinn series, Red Tool was often on the receiving end of many of Harley's crazy schemes, like the one pictured above. That said, Red Tool always tried to play the voice of reason that Harley is unable to hear. He is always there for her no matter the situation.

In fact, it led to him developing feelings for her over the course of several issues (more on that in a minute). On the other hand, the comedy between the two is complete gold. Harley always plays the name-caller and the antagonist in all the disagreements between the two. Red Tool, on the other hand, shows off his Deadpool-like humor in the form of sarcasm, which plays well into their chemistry. Personally, I think it would be great to see them meet and get into some sort of altercation in Gotham City Sirens. Even if the scene is small, I think audiences would really enjoy the results.

2. Red Tool And The Joker's Chemistry

'DC Rebirth: Harley Quinn' [Credit: DC Comics]
'DC Rebirth: Harley Quinn' [Credit: DC Comics]

Remember that whole Red Tool developing feelings for Harley thing I was talking about earlier? Well, it came to a grinding halt when The Joker made a surprise re-entrance into Harley's life at the end of DC Rebirth: Harley Quinn #9. Since that issue, Harley decides to give The Joker what he wants and plans to meet with him to let him explain his new change of heart. However, Red Tool messes with Harley's alarm clock and decides to go confront The Joker in her place since Harley wouldn't take his warning to not meet up with her ex.

In short, Red Tool tries to out-talk The Joker, but everyone save Red Tool knows that's impossible. So, Red Tool tries to fight The Joker in order to prove that The Joker is not a changed man. That said, The Joker holds to his word and takes the beating with zero retaliation. Harley later arrives on the scene, furious at Red Tool for screwing up her clock, and tells him that he is on probation with her. Harley then decides to take matters with The Joker into her own hands, but you will have to read DC Rebirth: Harley Quinn #12 if you want to know what happens next.

My point is, it would be cool to see Red Tool appear in Gotham City Sirens (or another DCEU film involving Harley) and be the one who tries to talk Harley Quinn out of being with The Joker. Could you imagine Red Tool confronting The Joker and telling him how awful of a guy he is to Harley? I mean, we all know how The Joker doesn't like to be told what to do. Although, this would pave a way for The Joker and Harley to split up in Gotham City Sirens instead of having a fight. Maybe Red Tool could just step in as the third party?

3. Red Tool Is Just Epic

'DC Rebirth: Harley Quinn' [Credit: DC Comics]
'DC Rebirth: Harley Quinn' [Credit: DC Comics]

If there is any way that Deadpool and Red Tool are similar it's in their choice of gruesome weapons. The name kind of gives it away but all of Red Tool's weapons are things that you can find in your local hardware store. I think even just a brief action sequence of him dicing someone up in Gotham City Sirens would be epic.

Red Tool is capable of providing both comedy and action, which would definitely fit the tone that Gotham City Sirens is sure to be looking for. More importantly, I think the film would provide a great opportunity for Warner Bros. to introduce a new and solid DC character. So what if the guy is supposed to be a Deadpool knock-off? He's a sweet character! Lastly, his addition would set up the path for Harley Quinn in future DCEU films. That is if Warner Bros. is planning on Margot Robbie's Harley to be portrayed on screen much like she is in the current comics.

Final Thoughts

'Suicide Squad' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Suicide Squad' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

In my humble opinion, I think Red Tool should at the very least make a cameo in Gotham City Sirens. Just to have him established as a character in the would really set up some solid potential storylines for Harley Quinn down the line. After all, we did see how successful Deadpool was, right? So, how bad could adding Red Tool really be? I guess only time will tell to see which characters will make the cut.

What do you think? Should Red Tool appear in Gotham City Sirens? Let me know in the comments down below!


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