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I know that comparing the comics to the movies is like comparing Lebron James to Michael Jordan. One may argue until their face turns an unruly purple, but it's a conversation where neither parties will ever be right (even though Jordan has won six championships). And yet, we simply can't help ourselves. Marvel's will hit theaters in the United States in a little less than two weeks, and sadly, people are still not entirely sure what exactly to expect with the "Sorcerer Supreme." Now, this video may be done out of fun, but one could actually see the comic book version of Doctor Strange doing something like this:

Being a Marvel Studios property guarantees that Doctor Strange will do considerable numbers upon its release, but when I hear people say how much they love Doctor Strange (and his song with Eminem, "Forgot About Dre"), well, you may grow concern that people have no idea who one of the greatest characters Marvel has to offer really is. Jason Aaron is currently scripting the Marvel comic, and it's truly one of the most unique products released by any publisher currently out on the market.

Not to be confused with Dr. Dre's The Chronic
Not to be confused with Dr. Dre's The Chronic

When reading Aaron's comic, one of the first things you notice is how extremely affable the good Doctor is, and the secondly, how much he truly cares about everyone. I'm still not entirely sure how the majority of people still have no clue why Stephen Strange is up there with Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man as some of the most beloved heroes Marvel has to offer. Luckily, Benedict Cumberbatch is perfectly cast, and hopefully the movie will warrant such numbers that we'll get a sequel green-lit sometime in the near future. Here are three reasons why reading Jason Aaron's Doctor Strange will make movie magic even more magical!

1. He's A Street-Level Hero As Well

Gosh, this panel is so funny!
Gosh, this panel is so funny!

Understand this: Doctor Strange is not one just to stop these convoluted attacks threatening to destroy the world. Instead, he battles some sort of demon leaching off some poor kid's head just as seriously as any threat that The Avengers face on a weekly basis. Even though this movie will surely deal with some cataclysmic event, that's not the real Doctor Strange. He's the protector of this realm against any magical creatures wishing to do it harm.

Also, he doesn't believe in killing something just for being different, or if they're scared and trying to hide. Rather, he finds out the root cause of the problem and tries to help any creature that is in distress in any way possible. In all honesty, Doctor Strange would work much better on Netflix, but sadly, their budget wouldn't be conducive to different realms, and all the CGI that it'd take to this make this a reality (He is the one to originally start The Defenders in the comics.). Simply put: Stephen Strange has one of the biggest hearts out of any character in the Marvel Universe.

2. He's Completely Unselfish, But Cocky

Yes, it's creepy
Yes, it's creepy

With the movie being an origin story, we won't truly see a fully formed Sorcerer Supreme, but that doesn't mean we won't see glimpses of what Marvel has in store for us in the future. Every time Doctor Strange vanquishes a demon or a spirit, he must pay a price for magic. I highly doubt this will be a factor in his upcoming movie, but the first arc in Aaron's comic highlights the sheer physical torment he puts himself through just to save people. He never asks for anything in return, and he usually does these types of things with a smile and joke to comfort the affected. He puts his life in danger on a constant basis and you won't see this in the movie.

That's why you should read the comics — in order to have an appreciation for how truly heroic the good doctor is in the feature film. Also, Stephen is a bit of a player, and comes off as cocky to the opposite sex. It's not creepy, however, and often times comes off as endearing. Lastly, he's beyond cocky when he fights almost anything, even though he really never has a plan whatsoever, which just makes him even more likable!

3. He Has The Biggest Heart In The Marvel Universe

I would cite his comic with Dr. Doom called The Oath, where he helped Doom travel to the pits of hell to rescue his mother from Mephisto, but Jason Aaron did not write that masterpiece. Without spoiling too much of the most recent comic: Some mysterious force destroys almost all the magic on Earth. Therefore, facing the death of magic, the majority of wielders of the weirdness (Scarlet Witch, Brother Voodoo, etc.) were ready to lie down and die. Yet, Doctor Strange rallied them together to collect every single artifact that still holds trace amounts of magic to do battle. One could call this a fool's errand, but Doctor Strange gave strength to all who followed him into a battle where they would surely perish. Nevertheless, people followed him because he's one of the bravest heroes in Marvel's pantheon of characters. They're going against one of those most technologically advance robots in the galaxy, and all they have are trinkets.

Stephen then faces one of the most powerful villains he's ever encountered with nothing but an axe, and you'll have to read the rest to find out what happens in the finale of Aaron's arc. Doctor Strange does not only give his all to even the smallest task, but he encourages other by his actions — he never gives up, and always provides hope to all who are in need. He's truly remarkable and if only more people would read this comic, then they would know what kind of character they'll be seeing come this November.


Doctor Strange/Marvel Studios
Doctor Strange/Marvel Studios

Hopefully, after Strange's movie is released he will become a household name as one of the coolest Marvel heroes to ever emerge from comics. Honestly, he should already have that mantle. Luckily, Feige realized this, and this is why we're about to see another obscure character receive the props that he deserves. I read a scary amount of comics, and Jason Aaron's Doctor Strange stands out as one of the most endearing, funny and heartfelt comics in all of existence. You don't have to read his comic to understand the movie, but it will definitely help you appreciate the man that gives his all on a daily basis. Lastly, have no fear, Marvel's Doctor Strange is almost here in theaters!

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