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Recently, there has been a lot of chatter and rumors about the film rights being given to Marvel, as many fans would love to see the mutants fighting alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes, . However, if you are a fan of the X-Men series (especially as of late), you'll understand that this would not be the correct move. It would not be as simple as Marvel writers inserting the X-Men as we currently know them into the studio's growing list of MCU titles. Here are three reasons why the X-Men simply wouldn't work within the .

3. Of The Three Major Superhero Franchises, Doesn't The X-Family Get The Best Treatment?

'Deadpool 2' [Credit: Fox]
'Deadpool 2' [Credit: Fox]

was an astonishing cinematic masterpiece. It was the exact way Hugh Jackman deserved to go out after his many years of playing the iconic Wolverine, and we also got to see a short teaser for . That is just one example of how 20th Century Fox has stepped up their films recently — by giving extremely complex characters with rich histories the treatment they deserve.

In fact, the only two films made in this decade (2010–present) to give a comic book character proper treatment have both been made by 20th Century Fox (Deadpool and Logan). Without saying it is good or bad, the writers at Marvel tend to take these rather three-dimensional characters and force them into two dimensions, preferring to wow audiences with visual prowess rather than substance. Due to this preference, the complex themes of the X-Men movies would simply disappear if their rights were ever given back to .

2. 20th Century Fox Has Taken Risks

Call me crazy, but MCU films can be a little bit formulaic. The X-Franchise has kept things fresh with their R-rated films, bringing a level of violence and adult content to the screen that had previously only been seen on the pages of their comic books.

This honest trailer just points out some of the ways in which the MCU's films and characters have had similarities to each other. For instance, this particular Honest Trailer points out that Ant-Man is "Tiny Iron Man" and Dr. Strange is "Iron Man on weed."

The inclusion of adult content and violence lends a certain believably and authenticity to the characters that hasn't been seen in MCU films. Take Deadpool for example — an ultra violent, ultra R-rated superhero that won't work without the ability to gruesomely cut people up and drop a couple of f-bombs (as proven by X-Men Origins: Wolverine). Given that most MCU movies are aimed at younger audiences, any X-Men characters included would likely end up being watered down.

Before this, no one knew how an R-rated superhero film would fare. Would it make money or be a huge flop? Deadpool proved that taking risks with comic book films can pay off, and the MCU largely does not take any risks.

1. The MCU Would Be Over-Populated

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Simply put, an MCU that included the X-Men would just be too busy. There is already fatigue from an overabundance of superhero films that it would just be overkill to give the rights to Disney. There is plenty of news on the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, which characters will be included and for how long (I've counted at least 25 "main" characters for the film, and we're still a year out). Imagine trying to insert the X-Men in there, too (which if they could, they would, because some X-Men are Marvel's most popular characters).

Every character — whether they be Avenger, Guardian or X-Men — would have to be relegated to a cameo, or the film would have to run 10 hours in length. This also circles back to my first point, and would be another reason the X-characters would not get the treatment they deserve in the MCU.

Ever wondered how all the X-Men films line up? Check out the video below to make sense of the film timeline and be sure to check out Movie Pilot Video for more cool content.

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