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What better way to start off 2017 than with a bloody vampire/werewolf flick? Underworld: Blood Wars hit theaters this weekend and its devout cult fandom are buzzing about it. It's been five years since the last chapter in the franchise Underworld: Awakening graced us with giant, sophisticated Lycans and actual involvement of the human world. However, there is one thing millions of fans are having trouble accepting:

Where is Michael Corvin?

Fans of the franchise undoubtedly know of Scott Speedman's character, Michael Corvin, forbidden lover of the ass-kicking Death Dealer vampire Selene and very first Vampire/Lycan hybrid. But, just as in Awakening, Michael is nowhere to be found in Blood Wars. For many fans, this is a terrible direction and for others, the love story of Selene and Michael is at the center of the franchise's success.

Producer and co-creator Len Wiseman stated in an interview with that "[Selene and Michael's relationship] just started to battle and distract from the mother/daughter relationship with Eve, the new character." While some agree with Selene and Michael's relationship being a distraction, the outcry for the exclusion of Michael is still at the forefront of the film's bad reception.

Here are four reasons why we don't need Michael Corvin.

1. Theo James Is Plenty

Theo James as David in 'Underworld: Blood Wars' [Credit: Screen Gems]
Theo James as David in 'Underworld: Blood Wars' [Credit: Screen Gems]

Don't even try and lie. James's character David, the rebellious and patriotic Death Dealer/Selene's protegé is a much more interesting male lead than Michael Corvin. Don't get me wrong, Scott Speedman was great, and the importance of Michael to the series is crucial — if not foundational — to the film's plot.

But, seriously? A do-good, lethally trained Death Dealer who is true and just in every way? Sorry. No contest. Also .

2. Eve Is All The Hybrid We Need

India Eisley as Eve in 'Underworld: Awakening' [Credit: Screen Gems]
India Eisley as Eve in 'Underworld: Awakening' [Credit: Screen Gems]

So, Michael Corvin was the first hybrid; bitten by a Lycan then by a vampire, BAM, world's first hybrid. We know this. BUT, his daughter, Eve, is stronger than him (and quite possibly her mother) because she is the world's first true-born hybrid. Being a blend of the two super species gives her a genetic boost of strength and badassery likened to the bursts of rage her father experienced when turning into a hybrid. So, the complaints about Michael's cool, hybrid powers being absent are henceforth nullified.

Added bonus: How often does Hollywood give us a genetically overpowered, vampire/werewolf hybrid child that can split heads and rip out hearts with her bare hands? I'll wait.

3. Selene Got Highlights

Kate Beckinsale as Selene in 'Underworld: Blood Wars' [Credit: Screen Gems]
Kate Beckinsale as Selene in 'Underworld: Blood Wars' [Credit: Screen Gems]

Just when we thought Selene couldn't get any cooler, she gets a completely hip and current hair upgrade (and an upgrade in superpowers, but who cares about that?). That ash ombré is enough to make us fall in love with the thousand-year-old princess of darkness all over again. And who is this franchise really about anyway?


That's who. Why does Selene need Michael anyway? With both super species out for her blood and her only child being hunted down, she's got bigger problems this year. It's 2017. Let's have a heroine NOT end up with a man.

4. The Producer Said So

Len Wiseman has spoken. As fans, we really have a problem with wanting things our way. Maybe for once we should just eat what's put on our plates. So, what? The story's plot may not be the best, and we may have wanted something different, but in the end, we have yet another vampire vs. werewolf film with better effects, her majesty Kate Beckinsale, and plenty of violence to get our little dark hearts pumping. Not to mention another year that dressing up as a werewolf for Halloween remains cool.

And the vampires don't sparkle. BE THANKFUL.


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