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"Sometimes great possibilities are right in front of us, and we don't see them because we choose not to" - Barry Allen
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Television shows all over the world have emerged from great works of literature, whether that be novels, poems, historical stories, etc. These adaptations can (at times) be direct, as if completely by the book, or have some change put into them (but still follow themes from the book), which can upset plenty of people.

'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Constantin Film]
'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Constantin Film]

I, myself, am a profound lover of The Mortal Instruments series, and any other series written by Cassandra Clare. The characters are easily lovable, and are not so complex that the reader can't relate (OK, my father isn't exactly an enraged Shadowhunter who wants to build a new army of from the Mortal Cup, but still).

'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Constantin Film]
'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Constantin Film]

After being captivated by the film (despite its differences to The Mortal Instruments: The City of Bones book), I had high hopes to see the franchise continue with as Clary Fray and as Jace Herondale. Sadly, we can't have everything in life, as they officially announced the failure of a continuation due to the lack of profit created at the box office. Then they made a tv show!

Now, the real question here is whether or not that show adaptation is even worth the time of day:

1. It's Inspired By The Mortal Instruments Book Series

If you've opened this article, then you probably are a fan of Cassandra Clare's book series. Launching off with The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in 2007, the series has gained thousands of fans everywhere. After the failure of the continuation of the first Mortal Instruments film in 2013, /Freeform decided to take the series under its wing and transform it into the TV series .

The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare
The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

Judging by the amount of books you see above, you can definitely see that there's quite a plot to cover.

2. They've Got A Ways To Go

The Mortal Instruments book series by Cassandra Clare is seven books long, with roughly 300–400 pages per book, with the exception of the seventh being 700 pages (roughly). With so much plot they could cover, this series definitely has a long storyline to continue if they follow the books as a basis.

Me 'Black Books' [Credit: Channel 4 Sales]
Me 'Black Books' [Credit: Channel 4 Sales]

Also, there are other mini-series that branch off of The Mortal Instruments. Dealing with the Shadow world, there's also The Dark Artifices (beginning with Lady Midnight), The Infernal Devices (beginning with Clockwork Angel), and more; there are just so many characters to bring in.

3. Similar Characters

Everyone has different interpretations of literary characters brought onto screen. Sometimes they can be pretty decent, horribly off, or even better than expected. For this series, I feel that the actors nail the attitudes of the characters — as if they came off the pages. Within the book they're witty and funny, but there's obviously a sense of seriousness for each of them. The characters aren't strained, plenty of them are so easily relatable. Which also goes as a salute to the screenwriters of this show, because without them these actors wouldn't be able to bring these characters to life!

I admit that during the first episode I was a bit iffy about it, but now that I've seen a couple more and fully caught up, I've fallen in love with it! Their looks are pretty killer, too.

4. Something To Look At

Though this is a very biased excuse, one of the reasons I like watching this show is not just because the actors are good at portraying the characters, but they are just so good looking. Sure, I was iffy about as and wasn't sure if 's hair was too much for (it's real, seriously), but now I've just come to adore watching them on screen.

They aren't even done up in this picture. What do you think about that? Plus, the goofy expressions are a bonus.

5. Natural Clowns

Not only are these actors fantastic at portraying such roles on screen, but they're approachable people off screen, too. They've done plenty of live streams for fans and posted pictures and videos of them just hanging out with one another. The best videos, for me, are the "Funny Moments" collaborations:

They just seem like people you'd like to hang out with, which makes you want to watch it more.

6. A Bit Of A Twist

One thing that confused me when beginning this series was that some things didn't seem to be in order. That's because this show only uses series as somewhat of a backbone while they add their own creative differences. Sherwood says:

“What we’ve kind of always said throughout — the best allegory I can surmise — if you imagine the books to be the skeleton, the TV show is the body."

It's always new and refreshing to try out a new twist on things — but keep the foundation of the original source — as Sherwood continues:

“We’ve kept true to the bones, as it were, but the way we’ve dressed it up, it’s ABC Family-slash-Freeform way of dressing up the show. We keep true to most of it. It’s not like Jace hooks up with Simon (Rosende).”

Due to this, the series is definitely capable of being flexible.

7. Bigger Possibilities

As mentioned before, this TV show is guaranteed to have a lot of potential for a long storyline if it uses the books as a source. Now we know that the show only uses them as a foundation, there are practically an endless amount of possibilities for which way it could go — has really filled out the whole concept of the Shadow World.

'New Girl' [Credit: Fox]
'New Girl' [Credit: Fox]

This is all the more a reason why you should see where this new TV show ends up —this new "family" has so much potential.

8. A New 'Family'

All those who have kept with a series over the years have undeniably become a part of it's fandom, or you can even say its "family." With such a background in the books, this series will definitely be something you want to stick with.

Personally, I am a fan of both and , and when they have crossover it is downright amazing. Maybe Shadowhunters will also have crossovers — with what shows I'm not sure yet, but its definitely worth sticking around.


Would YOU watch 'Shadowhunters'?


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