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Wynonna Earp returns (hopefully astride her motorcycle) June 9 on Syfy, and if you've been holding off on binge-watching Season 1, now is the time to grab a beer (or beverage of your choice), order a pizza and get watching because has you covered. Still not sure if Wynonna and the gun-toting gang of Purgatory are your thing? Here are some reasons they totally are.

1. Cowboys And Demons, Oh My

If you grew up with a love of cowboys, specifically for Wyatt Earp and his expansive family of law enforcers — plus one law-breaker (ahem, Doc Holliday) — then you'll be happy to know the Earp family tradition carries on with his fictional heirs Wynonna and Waverly Earp, with a helping hand from the magnificently mustachioed problem child himself: Doc Holliday. Join the modern-day heroes as they hunt down former Old West criminals turned literal demons from hell, and teach Doc how to use a cellphone and discover the modern joys of skintight jeans, — it's a win-win-win.

2. Fun Facts

Learn while you defeat evil! Between Waverly and Doc, you will definitely brush up on your weird historical knowledge, like how Wyatt Earp didn't actually drink. In fact, the famous gunslinger preferred ice cream — who knew? But the sign is so pithy:

'Wynonna Earp' [Credit: Syfy]
'Wynonna Earp' [Credit: Syfy]

3. Sometimes There Are Donuts

Agent Dolls may appear to operate as the no-nonsense secret agent man tasked with investigating and controlling the supernatural shenanigans, but when he warms to the girls and Doc, he proves he might have the biggest heart of all. Also he's a great man to have your back — or front, or really have your anything — and sometimes (very rarely) he smiles, which makes the entire season worthwhile on its own. A gun-toting dreamy agent who brings his team coffee and donuts? The Earp sisters are living the dream — why not join them? At least through the comfort of your screen.

Look at that smile, come on. 'Wynonna Earp' [Credit: Syfy]
Look at that smile, come on. 'Wynonna Earp' [Credit: Syfy]

4. Wayhaught

The much talked-about duo of lady loves consist of the ultra-adorable and ultra-badass Waverly Earp and Officer Nicole Haught (yes, Officer Haught). If you're still mourning a certain other TV couple, then Wynonna Earp may hold the cure to your blues. The Wayhaught ship is going strong and is a major heart-lifting highlight throughout Season 1. Watching Waverly grow and learn more about herself is wonderful, and having her connect so deeply and sweetly with Nicole is sure to satisfy many a viewer.

This couple comes with bulletproof vests, so breathe easy — at least through Season 1.

5. Wynonna Herself

Those of us who grew up on the smart-assed humor and badassery of Buffy Summers can definitely get behind the star of the show. Wynonna is a hard-drinking, smack-talking heroine who is easy to root for and (surprisingly) relate to. Played to perfection, as with all the cast, by Melanie Scrofano, Wynonna is hilarious and fearsome in equal measures. Spanning the emotional spectrum of reluctant hero, loving sister, careless "bad girl," and the very real young woman who feels like she's failed in every part of her life, Scrofano draws the rest of the cast into her orbit with ease and together they make a strangely relatable, completely lovable family you can't wait to spend more time with, even when they drive you crazy.

'Wynonna Earp' [Credit: Syfy]
'Wynonna Earp' [Credit: Syfy]

Buffy fans rejoice, Wynonna Earp has arrived to fill the hole in your heart with an added dash of Western gunslinger charm and more sarcasm than you can shake your Sunnydale-issued stakes at. Head over to Netflix and dive in, and don't forget to check out the Season 2 premiere of Wynonna Earp on the Syfy channel June 9.

What do you love most about Wynonna Earp?


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