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Don't know what is? Well, let me tell you something: Z Nation is a zombie show that falls into the , action, drama, post-apocalyptic, and comedy genres. It's set three years after a zombie virus has spread across the United States of America and follows a group of everyday people trying to get the only known survivor of the virus from New York to the last viral lab in California.

This post is spoiler free, and hopefully by the end of this you'll find yourself wanting to check this show out.

1. It Doesn't Take Itself Too Seriously

Yes, it does have some deep storylines and emotional scenes, but the show never seems to think too highly of itself. It's probably one of the best zombie shows out there, and this is partly the reason why. It's not afraid to do some ridiculous things and just have fun. There's even a whole episode that explores the possibility of aliens.

2. It's Genuinely Really Funny

Sometimes in the dark humor kind of way, but I can guarantee that while watching this show you'll spend a lot of time laughing. You won't be able to help yourself. It won't even be forced laughter. I've watched this show before and somebody walked into the room, saw a little bit and started laughing. Pictured below is one of the ridiculous things that can happen on Z Nation.

3. The Kills Are Both Creative And Graphic

Do you like the zombie genre for the blood, guts and other gross stuff? Z Nation is for you. Getting tired of the generic shot-to-the-head with a gun kind of kills? Z Nation is for you. At one point you get to see being killed/slowed down by a giant cheese wheel. I'm not even kidding. One of the main characters even uses a sling shot and tiny gears to kill zombies.

4. There Are Different Types Of Zombies

There are ones that are half plant, ones that hunt in packs, others that can run crazily fast, and many more. They seem to always be coming across new ones. Some of them are totally ridiculous, but others are actually very plausible.

There are even zombie animals. Including a bear at one point.

5. You'll Probably Love At Least 90 Percent Of The Characters

That's right. Even the minor ones. They're all very real. Each of them has their flaws and there will most likely be one thing about all of them that you'll love. When it comes to the minor characters, the majority of them are so well done and thought out that you find yourself wishing they were in it longer and loving every second you have with them. Even the characters you're supposed to hate you'll find fascinating.

6. The Characters Are Pretty Diverse

I mean this in a lot of different ways. There are various people of color and a bisexual character in the main cast. Each character has a personality and some kind of quality that sets them a part from the others but is never in fear of being a "special snowflake."

The leaders of the group? A man and a woman (Garnett and Warren) who are both badass and sassy and work really well together. The second in command? A woman (called Addy, and also the bisexual character) who manages to be both strong and emotional. The best shot? A 19-year-old kid called 10k (because he wants to kill 10k zombies). The medic? A man called Doc who likes drugs and honestly just tries his best. The survivor? A prisoner called Murphy who was given an experimental vaccine, and who really isn't the nice guy or the good guy — he's whiny and condescending more often than not. I could go on. In some ways they do fall into conventions and tropes with their characters, but when they do, they own it.

Also here's another, if not the most important character in my opinion:

Trust me.

7. The Writing Continues To Get Better

As this show goes on everything gets better. It is currently on Season 3 and I'm not fed up yet. If they keep up the methods they have then it could go on for a long time and be a really interesting show. It manages to be creative and even innovative without being over-the-top and full of itself.

8. The Pacing Is On Point

The show has season-long storylines, but it's also very good with dealing with other issues in an episode or two without dragging it out for more than it needs to. The show seems to know when a storyline needs to be spread out and when it just needs to be dealt with in a quick, but thought-out fashion. The show still manages to provide twists, leaving you hanging, and keep you on your toes all without spoiling the pace that its set. It helps a lot that in some capacity the show seems to know where it's going.

9. Character Deaths

There have been times where I have been sad, and maybe a little disappointed when a character dies on Z Nation. However, a majority of the time, despite feeling occasionally devastated, I have found myself being OK with the choices of characters to kill. Most seem to go out on a high point and there's nothing overly drawn out about their deaths. It happens and the next thing you know it's over. They do enough to make you feel something, but they never take it overboard, especially unnecessarily.

10. The Weapons

Mostly, the one in the picture below. That is a modified bat that belongs to Addy (also in the picture). It only continues to get better in Season 3, but oh boy, does this bat go on a journey. I will go on record as saying this is weapon is probably just as popular and loved as the characters. Every time I think it's going to disappear or be left behind I genuinely feel really sad.

Overall, Z Nation is a great show. It falls into its genres perfectly, it's good at what it does, and it's just a lot of fun. It might be a low budget kind of show, but it's still quality. I highly recommend you check out the first season at the very least and go from there.

Fans of Z Nation should also check out another great zombie show: The Walking Dead.

Feel free to leave your own reasons as to why people should watch the show in a comment, or if you haven't seen it, let me know if you plan to! You can also find more posts about television shows over on my blog as well as here.


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