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Time travel is a topic that seems to be trending the past year, with numerous movies and even more TV shows feature this technology we all wished we had. Or maybe not. One that caught my eye recently was . I was able to watch a preview at a press screening this past week and the premise is all about three people chasing after a criminal to various points in time to stop him from destroying the very foundation of the United States of America.

If you haven't checked it out yet, this is what you're missing:

5. It Takes You To A Different Time Period Every Week

Like most shows that have just appeared on screen, the traditional formula of "iconic time-period of the week" takes us to several different points Western history, like the Hindenburg disaster and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln to more recently, The Alamo. Each time they go back, history changes, risking a future with almost deadly consequence — the whole butterfly effect tends to do these kinds of things.

4. Three Distinctive Characters And A Villain That Isn't Quite A Villain

Timeless joins three fundamental characters, as Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer), a history teacher and know-it-all, accompanies Master Sergeant Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter), a Delta Force soldier and Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett), a programmer of the time travel imitative, running after Garcia Flynn (Goran Višnjić), a criminal mastermind set to destroy the USA through time.

While each of these characters have their specific tasks and traits cut out right from the start, things get a bit more interesting when we find out that Flynn's actions are only because of a book Lucy scribbled with notes and drawings. As of the fifth episode, little is still known of it, but a plot twist is set to be revealed soon enough.

3. The Personalities They Meet During Their Trips

So far, we've met memorable figures such as: John Wilkes Booth — the man that pulled the trigger on Abraham Lincoln; Judith Campbell — John F. Kennedy's mistress; Ian Fleming himself — known author and creator of the world's most famous spy, James Bond; and Jim Bowie — the man who made the famous Bowie knives.

It's clear that creators Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan aren't playing around when it comes down to the details in the history books, which brings me to the next point:

2. Less Sci-Fi, More History

Unlike most time-traveling stories, there is a lot more of history in Timeless than in some of its counterparts, such as 's , which encompasses a more scientific approach while still being a superhero-friendly show. Mind you, they are two very distinct ways to show history and the consequences of changing them, but are both weirdly necessary and, in a way, do complement each other.

Where Timeless wins an extra point is how the actors of history's biggest personalities are portrayed, sometimes revealing more interesting facts you'd find buried in some obscure history book.

1. It Might Actually Last Longer Than A Season

Due to its popularity, the show had an extra three episodes ordered by NBC, mainly because it's Monday night's highest rated drama on TV right now. This is, of course, very good news for any show, but particularly for Timeless because it means that as long as there's history to save, there will be an episode.

However, it all comes down to the reveal of Lucy's involvement and motivation of Flynn's actions with the book she wrote. Without enough information, not much can be said, but if TV has taught us anything, it's that Shawn Ryan always has a trick up his sleeve. Besides, The Blacklist needs a companion to sit next to at the Peacock network.

You can catch Timeless on Monday nights on NBC. What do you think of this time-travel premise?


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