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Over the past month, several announcements have been made regarding Logan, the last chapter in Hugh Jackman's run as the indestructible Wolverine. In the latest reveal, we learned that Stephen Merchant is confirmed as Caliban for the film, serving as a caretaker to a withered Professor X. We can assume that Caliban may be accompanied by some of his mutant brethren, the Morlocks.

Caliban (Stephen Merchant) in Logan.
Caliban (Stephen Merchant) in Logan.

Moving past the announcement of Caliban, today's Logan announcement was an even bigger reveal seeing as how it provided evidence by back up earlier claims of the Reavers joining Donald Pierce in the film. In a new photo from the Logan Instagram account, we get our first glimpse at a Reaver; the image is also captioned "reaver".

In the new image, we can clearly see it's of a soldier holding an assault rifle of some kind. The image itself is captioned with "reaver," which more than implies that the soldier in the aforementioned image is a "reaver".

From the appearance of the soldier, he looks similar to that of Angelo Macon, Murray Reese, and Wade Cole; all Reavers who belonged to the original iteration of the Reavers. In the comics, Macon, Reese and Cole failed on multiple occasions to assassinate Wolverine.

If they want to succeed in the movie, they are going to need a lot of firepower. Beyond Wolverine's (probable?) death, we need to discuss how the Reavers connect to the plot of of Logan. For that, we simply need to review Donald Pierce's history in Marvel Comics.

Donald Pierce's Ties To The Reavers

In Marvel Comics, Pierce was originally a member of the Hellfire Club, he later created a group of cyborgs, known as the Reavers. Before the Reavers became cyborgs, they were mercenaries tasked with killing Wolverine — but they were left savagely eviscerated by Wolverine.

After their initial confrontation, Donald Pierce recovered what was left of the mercs Angelo Macon, Murray Reese and Wade Cole. He revived them by implanting cybernetic components into their bodies to compensate for the loss of limbs and body parts, thus creating the cyborg team, the Reavers. Pierce also added on quite a few cybernetic enhancements to their anatomies in the hopes of making them that much deadlier.

Who Are The Actors Playing The Reavers In 'Logan'?

Aside from today's confirmation of the Reavers having a part in Logan, two more Reaver characters have actors attached to the casting list for Logan. On the IMDB page crediting the full cast of Logan, Justin Lebrun has been cast as an unidentified Reaver and Matthew McClain will play a "burned face" Reaver. We can make some solid guesses in regards to at least one of the Reavers confirmed for the film, based on the image released earlier today.

The soldier holding that rifle is equipped with some pretty high-tech hardware on his left arm. Now, that isn't enough detail to identify which Reaver he could be portraying, but the sole detail of a cybernetic left arm gives him an appearance quite similar to that of a particular member of Donald Pierce's original Reaver team: Wade Cole.

Wade Cole, X-Men Animated Series.
Wade Cole, X-Men Animated Series.

As for the actor portraying the soldier, he has been identified as Matthew McClain. McClain will portray a burned face Reaver, along with being equipped with a cybernetic arm. And from the sound of McClain's character description so far, it sounds like he'll be in the role of Wade Cole.

Angelo Macon, Lady Deathstrike, and Wade Cole(right)
Angelo Macon, Lady Deathstrike, and Wade Cole(right)

If so, the existence of Wade Cole would indicate the rest of his original Reaver team existing alongside him — adding an entire group of cyborgs for Wolverine to take on during Logan. With the odds stacking up against Wolverine, it doesn't look like he'll make it out of Logan alive ... or will it be X-23 that rescues Wolverine from an assured death?


Will Wolverine meet his end during Logan?

Are you looking forward to seeing the Reavers on the big screen? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: IMDB


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