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Only true fans are probably aware that actress Rebecca Hall was once in one of the studio's movies. Three years ago, the indie starlet had a part in but unfortunately her role ended up being drastically cut. And now, following years of keeping schtum about this, Hall has finally spoken out about why she wasn't allowed to fulfil her full potential in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Rebecca Hall as Maya Hansen | Marvel
Rebecca Hall as Maya Hansen | Marvel

At the time, the people behind the movie had concerns about casting a female antagonist, thinking that it detracting from the sales of toy merchandise. Speaking to The Wrap, Rebecca Hall revealed how shocked she was to hear that her role had been reduced:

"I signed up to a role that played to the end of the film, and had a big part in the ending, a significant role. But halfway through filming, that all changed. It was quite shocking. It happens more than you think."

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And the actress didn't hold back in relaying just how upset she was by Marvel's decision, saying:

"[It] was heartbreaking, but that was a few years ago now. They have to be able to sell female action figures now if they are putting women in lead roles. I hope everything will trickle down accordingly.”

Following her Marvel exit, her co-star Guy Pearce was gradually shifted into the role of the villain, perpetuating the "boys club" model prevalent in Hollywood once again:

However, despite her disappointment, Rebecca Hall has acknowledged that the film industry is slowly shifting away from male-heavy castings. She said:

“The tide is turning. There seem to be more big franchises that are becoming more female centric, and have women leads, whether it is Brie Larson [“Captain Marvel”] or ‘Wonder Woman,’ and I think that’s great.”

And as for whether she would take the chance to participate in a superhero movie soon, if she were asked, she admitted:

“I would not turn my nose up at one of those. But I don’t think I’ll rush into playing a part that may be reduced in a hurry."

Let's just hope that next time around, things turn out different for Hall, and all women in Hollywood in general.

Do you think Hollywood should cast more women in leading roles?

(Source: The Wrap)


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