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Rebel Wilson is a bit of a wild child. The Australian actor is known for playing a variety of quirky characters that help her to channel her inner weirdo, and she often takes her crazy antics off-screen.

However, things may have gotten a little out of hand during a recent training session for 3, when one of her stunts ended with her trainer Niko copping a swift kick to the groin:

Ouch! While the assault may have been nothing more than some skilful choreography, the wince on his face does look a little pained— not to mention Wilson's guilty expression.

Wilson had posted another photo of her training session earlier, which involved her looking pretty intimidating whilst standing over a man cowering on the floor. This lady is not to be messed with!

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Despite the possible misfire during her attempted groin kick, Wilson is no amateur. She performed all her own stunts in Pitch Perfect 2, including her daunting drop on aerial silks. She actually trained with a Cirque Du Soleil coach to perfect the performance:

Pitch Perfect 2 [Credit: Universal Pictures]
Pitch Perfect 2 [Credit: Universal Pictures]

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What's your favorite Rebel Wilson moment?

Pitch Perfect [Credit: Universal Pictures]
Pitch Perfect [Credit: Universal Pictures]


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