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Potential spoilers for The Flash Season 3 follow.

For fans of The CW's The Flash who haven't read the DC comic books, there is only one Wally West, a.k.a. Kid Flash — perfectly played by Keiynan Lonsdale — and he doesn't have bright red hair that matches his suit.

(Credit: The CW)
(Credit: The CW)

In the comics, however, there are actually two versions of Wally West: one from before "Flashpoint" altered the timeline (who started as Kid Flash and eventually replaced Barry Allen as the Flash) and one from after "Flashpoint" (who is still Kid Flash).

The original Wally West disappeared into the Speed Force for years during the "New 52" event, but returned in DC Comics' "Rebirth," which was the spark that reignited DC Comics in 2016.

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The CW's Wally is doing a fantastic job, providing the show with a youthful exuberance that has been lacking since Season 1, and I hope he's there for many more seasons to come. But is it possible that we could see the original Wally in the ?

Barry Could Use All The Speedsters He Can Find Right Now

The Flash and Kid Flash
The Flash and Kid Flash

The Arrowverse version of Wally received his powers from Dr. Alchemy and the Philosopher's Stone due to Barry altering the timeline in the series' "Flashpoint" adaptation. Therefore, Dr. Alchemy only thought it was right for him to have Wally back — and yes, we're still waiting on a better explanation than that from the writers.

Barry is going against a threat like no other named Savitar. As of now, we have no clue who he is, but one of the biggest rumors is that he's Barry from the future (I'm not buying it). Savitar is so fast that it looks like he's using teleportation.

Team Flash has the speedsters Barry, Jay, Jesse and Wally, and they seem to have no chance against Savitar — but it is television, after all, so the odds will most likely even out by the season finale. Especially if a new speedster were to join the team.

How Could A New (Uh, Old) Wally Fit Into The Arrowverse?

Since the Arrowverse features numerous timelines, Wally West could be from some different Earth where Barry died — in something akin to Crisis on Infinite Earths — and he's testing his powers to the limit when he crosses Earth-1 (similar to how Jay Garrick and Jesse Wells have come back). Barry might not have a clue why Wally is so enamored with him.

And with Wally's new duds from Rebirth, there would be no confusion about which Wally is Kid Flash. (There could be a chance that this version of Wally West is Savitar, not Keiynan Lonsdale's version. It would one heck of a twist, but too many fans might hate it!)

Could Wally West Play In The Big Leagues Of The DCEU?

The DCEU is desperately struggling to get Ezra Miller's Flash solo movie right, losing directors and screenwriters one after another, plus Warner Bros. needs a huge win in 2017 with either Wonder Woman or Justice League — but if they can succeed in the shared universe business, then the sky is the limit for possible storylines.

Wally West is an integral part of the Teen Titans (now just the Titans, since they're all in adulthood). The DCEU could eventually introduce this beloved team, featuring a bunch of heroes who are nowhere near as somber as its Justice League. Wally West and Dick Grayson will be essential for the DCEU if they want to rival the MCU's longevity.

Then again, the DCEU could feature either of the Wally Wests (though probably not both—that would be too complicated for the movie universe). Whichever one Warner Bros. ultimately goes with, Flash fans will be sure to race to theaters!

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