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We've got the latest poster for [REC 4] Apocalypse, and it's back to basics. This is exactly what we were hoping for.

The first two films of the [REC] series were fantastic. Dark, terrifying, twisted, they utilized "found footage" in a way that actually made the film better, rather than feeling forced in as a gimmick. And then the third movie came along and it was... not like the first two. Oh, it was horrific, alright, but horrific in a "What have you done to our beautiful horror franchise?!" kind of way. Lighter, comedic almost to the point of campiness, and traditionally shot, the third film was an example of why you don't mess with a good thing.

Fans were understandably upset and let it be known far and wide that they would burn the internet if [REC 4] Apocalypse was the same. It appears that the filmmakers heard their cries and reverted back to the tone and styling of the first two films, if the promo material we've already seen gives us any hints.

Another, English-subtitled trailer is out, along with a new poster, and it appears as if fans might be able to cautiously exhale, as they perpetuate the idea that the third film was an aberration.

What do you think? Can we all breathe a sigh of relief?

The movie won't have a release date until next year, so [[follow]] along. There's bound to be more material, including an actual trailer and North American release date.


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