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The devilishly diabolical minds behind the [REC] series, and , are bringing horror to the Vatican in The Unholy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ross Katz will direct the flick, from a script written by E.L. Katz. It's based on an original idea by Balaguero and Plaza, and the movie has already recruited and .

Here's the synopsis for you:

Inspired by actual scientific research that suggests evil may live within our very own genetic code, The Unholy follows a group of cutting edge scientists who believe they can link evil to a specific human gene. When they are recruited by the Vatican to spearhead a new global initiative to examine candidates for official exorcisms, supernatural forces threaten both faith and science in a battle of good versus evil.

Fiennes has had a taste of unholy supernatural forces recently, having starred in American Horror Story, so he should be on familiar ground here. Baccarin on the other hand has been getting into bed with a former terrorist, playing Jessica Brody in Homeland.

Principal photography on The Unholy is set to kick off in spring, so [[follow]] if you want to keep up to date with all the spooky developments.

Does The Unholy sound like it's going to put the fear of god into you?


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