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It’s here! The long-awaited phenomenon that changed the way we view television has returned with a fury. Eighteen episodes of mystery, intrigue, eccentricity, offbeat humor and hell of a lot of coffee are about to ensue with the return of David Lynch’s cult classic .

We may now know who killed Laura Palmer and where to buy the best “damn good coffee,” but Twin Peaks’ return is still shrouded in a whole lot of secrets as it makes its debut on May 21. What’s so universally praised about the show is how many different elements incorporate to make one fan-pleasing series. Some are in it for the characters, the story, the music, or the food. That’s right, we’re gonna make a case that Twin Peaks is as much of a food-centric series as it is a detective one.

Characters interact over coffee and cherry pie, baffling one another with the new state-of-the-art European bread, or combine the sugary intrigue of maple syrup with the smokey goodness of sliced ham. Lynch has a great ear for food dialogue and, in many cases, surrounds his characters in scenarios where food is the primary discussion (or it ought to be).

As we begin to lose our sh*t together over the Season 3 premiere of a show 27 years in the making, here are some creative ways to inspire your Twin Peaks addiction fix with our second favorite fixation: food. May every Twin Peaks viewing party be filled from wall to wall with a variety of hot beverages and sweet pastries to pay tribute to a series that made it all look so cool.

'Twin Peaks' [Credit: Republic Pictures/CBS Television Distribution]
'Twin Peaks' [Credit: Republic Pictures/CBS Television Distribution]

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Twin Peaks party without an ample amount of coffee protruding through the bean box. While we may never know what Twin Peaks coffee tastes like, we can only assume it is a decent combination of Columbian and Costa Rican beans grounded and brewed into some hot java. Here is a list of foods to accompany that blistering java that every true Twin Peaks fan will have to share with their party guests.

4. Baguette With Brie Cheese And Butter

God bless the French! Baguettes have had a long and distinctively crisp (no pun intended) place in food history. A stick-like loaf with enough fluff to absorb whatever substance you do decide to smother the bread with. The crunchy shine to the overall outside that provides us, the faithful eaters, with a nice crackling and spongy fluff just before the velvety choice of what's inside is well worth the anticipation.

Of course, this isn’t the first time you should be hearing this if you are a Twin Peaks fan. In that regard, this meal is probably the most qualified on the list. Season 1 introduced us to the vile Benjamin Horne and his equally vile brother (Jerry) as well as their rather sovereign love for baguettes with brie and butter. "It’s enough to win over anyone" proclaims Jerry, who had “four every damn day” when he was in Paris.

The collision of soft, silky milk-cheese with the smoothness of warm butter certainly complements each other for a singularly authentic blend of creamy flavors. Is it any wonder why Benjamin was so eager to devour the entire loaf after a decent first bite?

3. Chinese Breadsticks With Maple Syrup, Chocolate, Or Camembert Dip

What? But Twin Peaks takes place in the state of Washington. Well, that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be some good old-fashioned cultural appropriations. To be quite honest, the Chinese breadstick offers a certain style of crunch and billow that not many breads can offer. Good enough for some dipping into something melted and delicious. Plus, it helps that it is a simple recipe.

— 2 cups all purpose flour

— 2 tbsp baking powder

— salt

— 5–7 cups water poured in as your churn into a dough

After kneading the dough and letting it settle for two hours, you shape it into a rectangle and slice horizontally across into even smaller rectangles. To give it that exceptional Chinese breadstick look, press down in the middle with a straw to give that “hotdog bun-like” shape and fry it up.

After you get the desired puffy, golden bread look, you can dip it in pretty much anything that your heart fancies. Special Agent Dale Cooper would certainly go for the maple syrup, most people have a sweet chocolate tooth, or you can go for the lusciously warm camembert cheese. Or, all three — I mean it’s Twin Peaks — we might have to wait another 30 years for Season 4.

2. Cherry Pie

If it’s not the coffee that the town of Twin Peaks is known for, then that damn cherry pie isn’t too far behind it. Best in the tri-county area, and the one slice of dessert that all 51,201 residents of Twin Peaks look forward to. Special Agent Cooper is recommended a slice of it on several occasions, even the not-so-subtly voiced Gordon Cole (played by Lynch himself) enjoys a good homicide investigation discussion over a sweet, cherry pastry.

'Twin Peaks' [Credit: Republic Pictures/CBS Television Distribution]
'Twin Peaks' [Credit: Republic Pictures/CBS Television Distribution]

Cherry pies have a way of finding themselves into the plot of Twin Peaks. Whether that’d be in diners, family dinners, or hospitals, there is no escaping this succulent subplot. If that damn Laura Palmer didn’t have to take up that whole plot then we might have gotten the ingredients to this perfect slice of glory. Until then, we can at least hear about how awesome it is.

Everybody and their relatives have their own pie dough recipe, but with all-purpose flour, two sticks of butter, and plenty of water, it will be enough to get you started. As for the mix:

— Lots and lots of pitted cherries

— 3 tbsp butter

— 2 3/4 cups sugar

Put it all together to make a granular detour into a delectable retreat that even Special Agents Cooper and Cole would be proud to devour.

'Twin Peaks' [Credit: Republic Pictures/CBS Television Distribution]
'Twin Peaks' [Credit: Republic Pictures/CBS Television Distribution]

1. Donut With Coffee Glaze

I mean, obviously. One of the first ads for Season 3 to be released featured the two most important components to Twin Peaks’ history: David Lynch and donuts. Coffee and donuts go together like sunrise and sunset and Lynch made sure that the two had their places the series as well as in pop culture.

'Twin Peaks' [Credit: Republic Pictures/CBS Television Distribution]
'Twin Peaks' [Credit: Republic Pictures/CBS Television Distribution]

If you aren’t in the mood to make your own donuts, then there are plenty of places to venture where the art of pastry making is perfected. Or, you can even go to one of the many Twin Peaks-themed festivals and diners likely to blossom as we get closer to the premiere date. However, if you are in the mood for making your own donuts:

Keep churning as you add:

— 1 stick of butter

— 1/4 cup sugar

— 1 egg yolk, 2 whole

— 1 cup cake flour

After kneading it into sufficient dough and letting it settle, cut out the donut rings with a cup and fry until a rigid outside. As for the glaze:

— 1 cup heavy cream

— 2 tbsp coffee powder

— 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

— Coffee liqueur, one tbsp, or two, or three, or four (you do not want to be sober for this kind of show)

Your Twin Peaks viewing party will certainly be the most faithful to the show’s essence and will inspire those to give into Lynch’s atmosphere of savory cuisines blended into a murder mystery. Two perfect mixtures to sauté together for some brewing madness.

The two-hour premiere of Twin Peaks airs May 21.

Which of these recipes do you think will be best for a Twin Peaks viewing party?


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