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Mark Newton

Although Red 2 has still yet to be seen by the general movie-going public, Summit Entertainment has already started preparations for Red 3. It seems that favorable test screenings have resulted in Jon and Erich Hoeber being asked to pen another sequel, making the third movie in the franchise.

The screenwriting brothers certainly know the turf, having worked together on the first two movies of the graphic novel-based series. Red was initially the tale of a gang of aging black op agents who come out of retirement to kick all kinds of ass. Much of the initial cast, including , , and will return for the upoming sequel Red 2, although they will also be joined by and . With a big name ensemble cast, and now a potential third movie in the works, it seems Summit could be trying to turn Red into one serious franchise. This also means we could have some interesting new stars join the cast.

Red 2 opens on July 18th. If all goes well for the movie, production on the next sequel could start as early as January 2014.

Is more Red a good thing? Let me know below.


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