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Red Lantern comic book writer Charles Soule is about deliver a new batch of stories for the upcoming Green Lantern crossover project. It seems for inspiration Soule and his artist partner Alessandro Vitti will be turning to the world of television, specifically with Sons of Anarchy.

Red Lantern is a DC anti-hero gang who first appeared in Green Lantern vol. 4 #25 in December 2007. They're not exactly super-villains, but at the same time they don't hold the moral high-ground taken by your usual costumed saviors. In an interview with Newsarama, Soule laid out how he imagined approaching the group:

The tagline I like to use is, "Bad people trying to do good things by doing bad things." I want to write a book that feels like a comics version of a TV show like Sons of Anarchy or The Shield, where you have the antiheroes who are still trying to stick to some kind of moral compass. But it's not all grim. There are a lot of moments of humor. You bring Guy Gardner onto the team and you've got to have some humor.

At the moment, Red Lanterns are still very much confined to the ink and paper world of comic books, but I think I'd also like to see them make the jump to the big or small screen. Just as our last Will's War video suggested, we NEED to start having some more villainous movies.

What do you think? Is Sons of Anarchy a good direction for Red Lanterns to take? Let me know below.


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