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Anyone keeping up with the red carpet coverage will be well aware that yellow is this season's color of choice, with many of Hollywood's celebs strutting their stuff like the fanciest of lemons and looking pretty darn good as they do so.

One such was , who attended this year's award show as a presenter. She donned a pale yellow Versace gown with a saucy split up the side, a stunning yellow diamond necklace and dubbed the look "classic Hollywood" in her champagne shimmy Instagram below:

See also:

However, the reason we're loving this gown so much isn't because it's hashtag on trend or because she looks absolutely banging (which of course she does), but because it's a direct reference to a red carpet look she rocked a decade ago, in 2007. A look that Witherspoon herself recalled in a throwback post a mere 24 hours before the ceremony took place. See:

TEN years ago. TEN! Does this woman not age? Give us your secrets, Reese!

Yellow Reese 2007 vs. Yellow Reese 2017: Which do you prefer?


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