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Groundhog Day is a comedy we all know and love, who could forget Bill Murray's hilarious performance as the cynical and pessimistic weatherman? Years after it's release the movie has become part of our pop culture as we watch Murray work his way through confusion, fear and desperation as he tries to escape living the same god damn awful day again and again. Plus, Andi MacDowell thrown in as the love interest was just the sweet '90s cherry on top. So, we couldn't be happier to hear that this movie has had a musical makeover and is heading to Broadway in 2017.

Watch the original movie trailer below if you're unfamiliar with the film, maybe shove it on repeat to get the full effect.

Tim Minchin, Musical Composer Du Jour


The movie was released in 1993, twenty three years ago, and it seems the world is ready to experience Groundhog Day all over again. Thanks to comedian and composer Tim Minchin, the beloved tale has taken a musical turn. According to Variety's review of the West End premiere, the original story by Danny Rubin has been developed and enhanced to really pull at your heart strings in order to create a musical that speaks to a modern-day audience. Matt Trueman for Variety spoke warmly of the show and had this to say about the adaptation:

"It’s a mark of what musical theater can do. Minchin’s score almost functions like a commentary, prising Rubin’s plot open to pull out its themes."

The hype surrounding the show is mainly due to the famous movie, but also the music and lyrics from Minchin. Minchin rose to musical fame with his Tony award-winning masterpiece, Matilda, a show that was also an stage adaptation for which Tim wrote the songs. Haven't seen it? Watch and be completely enchanted by Tim's music and little Matildas:

So, that's the musical in good hands. We have all the confidence Tim has produced a stunning new soundtrack for the eagerly awaited Broadway debut of Groundhog Day.

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What We Know So Far

The musical is scheduled to start previews in March 2017 at the August Wilson Theatre in New York, and April 17th will be the official opening of the stage show.

The adaptation will be led by Tony award winning director, Matthew Warchus and the producers have been named as Matthew Warchus and Andre Ptaszynski for Whistle Pig, and Lia Vollack for Columbia Live Stage. Andy Carl who played the role of Phil in The Old Vic in London is traveling with the show to Broadway, although the rest of the cast is still unannounced. The musical will land in NYC just in time for Tony nominations, so fingers crossed for the cast and crew.

Andy Carl in the London show, @GhDmusical
Andy Carl in the London show, @GhDmusical

If that's not enough to wet your whistle, then watch Tim perform 'Seeing You' at the 20th South Bank Sky Arts Awards. You'll be counting down the days until Groundhog Day lands in the States.

Do you think it's about time the movie had an update or is a musical too far?

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