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Dania Lerman

Remember those guys from Independence Day? The alien wannabes who cheered for the spaceship they hoped to board and then... got blown to dust?

While we all know they weren't quite so warmly received, turns out there's a real-life population who have yet to be discouraged, and today is their favorite holiday:


Every March 20th, thousands of hopeful abductees flock to Toronto to watch the skies in a group effort to summon alien life forms. (Fox News)

While its origins are unknown, it's assumed to be "the special day chosen by our alien overlords themselves." (

Festivities include tin hat tailoring, alien birthing, alien probing techniques, UFO rides, bizarre eats, funky music and crop circling. (


Seems fun, right? Well... not for everyone.

Apparently some particularly devout sky-watchers took offense at the festival for making light of a serious matter, to which the party planners released the following statement:

We appreciate that for some members of the extraterrestrial community, abductions are considered a serious matter. Some feel it should not be approached in an entertaining way. Please understand that we are not attempting to poke fun at these concerns or at abduction events.

Others skipping out on the festival are those worried about abduction, who use the holiday to raise awareness, rather than celebrate, what they consider to be an imminent danger.

Organizations like provide step-by-step instructions to create Thought Screen Helmets:

...which, apparently, have been used successfully by former abductees for fifteen years. (

So whether you're watching the skies with excitement or dread, tonight's your time to celebrate under the stars, or take cover with a Thought Screen Helmet.

Happy Alien Abduction Day!


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