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What's more vomit inducing than a mucus-filled, tooth-plucking, organ-exposing episode of Ren & Stimpy I hear you cry? Why, some rank photorealistic busts of the dank duo oozing bodily fluids from every orifice in great technicolour detail of course!

When I was a kid, I was banned from watching the strung-out Chihuahua and cretinous cat's vile escapades — which of course made me more desperate to absorb them in all their visceral glory.

If, like me, you spent your nights nervously clutching your remote feeling mildly nauseous over Ren & Stimpy, you will take some sick adult delight in these truly grotesque creations:

Andrew Freeman, the artist behind the atrocities, certainly understood the true spirit of the show and when you compare his realistic renderings to the original show, he has the original characters down.

Rancid Ren

From the crepe paper skin stretched over a painfully emaciated skin to the bulbous, bloodshot eyes, Ren's still got it!

Snotty Stimpy

Serving pustulous, oozing realness, Stimpy's likeness really captures his total absence of mind. Bravo.

But, what would creator Bob Camp think? Judging from his explanation of the "gross up" below, I think he would love it!


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