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Ever had an itching feeling that you're growing old too quickly? Young star Rebecca Forsythe knows this better than anyone, suffering from the world's worst case of psoriasis in the upcoming horror movie Replace. The unnervingly gross trailer reveals that protagonist Kira must replace her rapidly ageing skin with the skin of other people in order to survive and remain young.

Suffice to say, the first trailer for 'Replace' will leave your skin crawling. Check it out in the clip below:

"At first it was just a small spot. Just a bit of dry skin. Then it spread."

First-timer Norbert Keil is new to filmmaking, cutting his teeth here in his debut feature. However, fans should also take note that the script for was co-written by Richard Stanley, the cult favorite director who cemented his horror credentials with the breakout hit Hardware.

Replace [Credit: Sparkling Pictures]
Replace [Credit: Sparkling Pictures]

EW reported that producer Felix von Poser is especially excited for the project, explaining that:

“Richard and Norbert’s script tells such a unique and rare story, I’m very proud to be able to bring it to the screen, especially working with such a great creative team."

As if that wasn't enticing enough, Replace also stars Barbara Crampton, the icon who made a name for herself in Re-Animator, and recently returned triumphantly to the genre in You’re Next.

Replace [Credit: Sparkling Pictures]
Replace [Credit: Sparkling Pictures]

Check out the official synopsis below:

"Young and beautiful Kira is afflicted with a strange disease where her skin ages rapidly to the point of drying out and crumbling away. When she discovers that she can replace her own skin with somebody else’s, she has to make a choice: watch her own body wither and die or give in to temptation…… whatever the price."

There's no mention of the elements from the trailer in this plot description, so let's just hope that the representation is included thoughtfully in the narrative and wasn't just thrown in for queer-baiting purposes.

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Body horror is enjoying something of a resurgence lately following the surprise success of Julia Ducournau's French cannibal movie Raw, so we're looking forward to seeing more Cronenbergian thrills in the wake of Replace's release.


Would you steal other people's skin in order to look young and beautiful?

(Source — EW. Poll Image Credit: Sparkling Pictures)


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