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Forget the fact that there's a goverment shutdown in the United States. There's more important news that impacts not only the global economy, but the entire cosmos. Of course, I'm referring to the ongoing saga of will-they-or-won't-they-rekindle-their-love of and . Passion! Pleasure! Yes, the most important love story of our time. Is life worth living if they don't get back together? I'm not sure. One thing's for sure: Kristen isn't going without a fight.

However, as we know, sometimes you have to give a significant other some space before you're able to truly come back together, look into each others' eyes, and have the universe's secrets revealed to you via the deepest part of someone's soul.

That's why Kristen would be "ecstatic" if Pattinson reached out to her for a dog date, reports Hollywood Life. As if their split couldn't be chaotic enough for us, knowing that dogs Bear and Bernie were ripped away from their mother in the split makes tears fall from my supple, white cheeks.

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