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Scott Pierce

Resident Evil is what has truly established as an international sci-fi superstar, The Fifth Element be damned. Despite the heated ire and buoyant happiness that RE instills in non-zombies with a pulse, it's impossible to acknowledge the numbers: To date, the series has gross over $800 million. Naturally, after Resident Evil: Retribution's mammoth payday of $221 million, Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter is on the way. It will be released on September 14, 2014. No matter your faith in the franchise (or humanity), you have to admit that's pretty darn impressive.

My hope is that returns as director. The series truly shines through him as much as it does through his superhuman, supermodel muse. Anderson has often said that he wanted a new trilogy starting with the fourth film, Afterlife. That makes sense considering the series' lowest points where in the second and third films -- the installments he passed on directing.

Are you guys excited for more Resident Evil? What do you want to happen in the next -- and potentially final -- installment? I leave you with why the franchise does so well:


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