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Ever since Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter was given a September 2014 release date, we've wondered how director would be able to make that deadline since he's shooting the disaster flick, Pompeii. Turns out, he'll just have very little down time. He just confirmed that RE6 will begin shooting this fall. Speaking with The Star, Anderson talked about what even inspired the RE franchise to begin with (you know, besides the games):

As a teenager I used to love zombie flicks. They were very, very popular with directors like (George A.) Romero and (Lucio) Fulci. That’s one of the reasons I created the first Resident Evil; I looked at the genre and thought, wow, I used to love this stuff and nobody had made a zombie film for over a decade, so I decided to make one. It ended up being the first in a whole slew of undead films. I think the undead genre really plays to primal human fears. That kind of stuff never goes out of fashion. The themes of a zombie story are always good; they make for good filmmaking.

The article also talks a little bit about Pompeii and how it's going to contribute to his special effects-driven resume that has grossed over $1.5 billion worldwide. That movie stars Game of Thrones and Sucker Punch's . It's a fun read, but the biggest news is that Alice will be back and next year my September will be complete.

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If you're a RE movie hater, this how Alice feels about you:


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