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Mark Newton

OK, so this Resident Evil/Devil May Cry fan movie mash-up is pretty damn cheesy, but if you want to see 15 minutes of video game characters shooting zombies to the tune of death metal, then it might be just your thing.

Titled Resident Evil: The Nightmare of Dante, the fan film sees the S.T.A.R.S gang teaming up with Devil May Cry's Dante in order to beat up a load of zombies in a wood. No real context or background is provided, but hey, who cares? Check it out below:


So there you have it. As with all fan films nowadays, the special effects are impressive but there's not really much in the way of anything else.

Can I suggest a fan movie with a bit more substance? Check out the Aussie Star Wars extranvaganza, Star Wars Downunder here.

What do you think of this Resident Evil meets Devil May Cry fan movie? Let us know below.


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